Friday, May 27, 2011

Dennis Ross Bends All The Way Over For Obama

Don't get me wrong. I understand we all have our bills to pay and that senior White Adviser on the Middle East Dennis Ross keeping his job depends on shilling for President Obama and his execrable policies towards Israel. But how far do you bend over?

Ross' gig right now involves heavy damage control, and can you believe what his line is to American Jewish leaders and opinion makers? That President Obama's policies are 'good for Israel' because the Europeans love it!

“The character of discussions with the Europeans has clearly improved for the better,” he said of talks held this week. “They have been endorsing what the president had to say.”

Oh, I'll just bet they did. At long last, an American President with even more of an 'Israel problem' than themselves!

“It’s important for us to be able to use with the Europeans in particular the fact that there is a credible alternative, there is an alternative basis on which to pursue the negotiation,” he said. “It gives us an ability with the Europeans to say this is not the right way to go. You should be opposing any effort to go to the UN.”

Can he actually believe that the Brits, who are almost reflexively anti-Israel and the French, with hundreds of thousands of restive Muslims living among them are going to be swayed by that kind of nonsense? That an oil and trade hungry Europe is going to go against the Muslim bloc in the UN when in fact they rarely have in decades?

Ross also reportedly warned that the Europeans don’t always believe Netanyahu is “serious” about making peace and see the United States as the Israeli leader’s enabler.

Netanyahu not serious? The last time I checked, it was Netanyahu who was agreeing to meet without any preconditions and Mahmoud Abbas who was boycotting talks - at least until Abbas decided to ally with the genocidal Hamas.

And for that matter, we're the EU's enabler too, allowing them to spend their money on things like welfare for all those Muslim immigrants while the US foots most of the bill for their defense.

Of course,in the end it's all about elections and campaign donations. President Obama always was on board with the European approach towards Israel, which is most cases is essentially borderline hostility.And it would be even more skewed if it wasn't for the fact that Congress and the American people overwhelmingly support Israel. Ross is mouthing the most pathetic and transparent lies simply to try and keep as much of President Obama's Jewish support as possible in line with the agenda.

Anyone even thinking of buying what self loathing and self serving Jews like Dennis Ross have to sell should ask themselves a question: if President Obama is this hostile towards Israel now,can you imagine how hostile he'll be if he happens to get re-elected?

The image of the Judas Goat comes to mind. It just remains to be seen how many sheep follow people like Ross into the slaughterhouse.

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Anonymous said...

Dennis Ross who was critical of the Obama admn position on Israel changed immediately upon being branded by the Obama administration enforcers as an Israel-firster. Instead of resigning and going all out to defend his position he has become the good court-Jew.I wouldn't trust this two-faced loser to pick up my dog's poop never mind with the safety of half of the world's Jews (oh and by extension all of the world's Jews).

louielouie said...

in a caroline glick article i read, comes this:

This point was also brought home with Democratic National Committee Chairwoman Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz’s interesting request to Republicans during their joint meeting with Netanyahu. In front of the Israeli leader, Wasserman Schultz asked her Republican counterparts not to use support for Israel as a campaign issue. Her request makes clear that following Netanyahu’s brilliant triumph in Washington, Democrats realize that the president’s poor treatment of Israel is an issue that will harm them politically if the Republicans decide to make it an issue in next year’s elections.

this is amazing on so very many levels, first, if a repub/rino had made a request of this sort,they would have been laughed out of the meeting, second, the repubs/rinos will immediately assume the position, IYKWIMAITYD, third, imo W/S didn't even need to make the request the repubs/rinos don't have the stones to use something as telling about the dhimocrats as this as a campaign issue, fourth, this request takes the israeli issue/support out of the american peoples hands now-don't-it(?) and puts it right back in the lap of the ruling/chattering class, where it should not be.