Wednesday, May 04, 2011

Canine Hero Helped Sniff Out Osama

Considering how Islam feels about dogs, it's only poetic justice that a heroic canine participated in the mission to take out Osama bin-Laden.

An explosive sniffing dog went in with SEAL Team 6, strapped to one of the SEALs as shown above.

These amazing war dogs are apparently used frequently in these operations, sport body armor, protection against shrapnel and infrared cameras that beam back images to their human SEAL partners, providing them with critical information and warning of ambushes.

The dogs are also trained to wear oxygen masks and jump from aircraft at 25,000 feet before seeking out the enemy on the ground. And it probably doesn't hurt that Muslims recoil from them and consider dogs unclean.

Below, one of the SEAL team members pays his respects to bin-Laden..

Take that jihadi!

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