Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Obama Embarrasses Himself Before The Queen of England

President Obama committed an awkward gaffe at Buckingham Palace tonight. He rose to propose a toast to Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth saying “Ladies and gentlemen please stand with me and raise your glasses as I propose a toast,” the president said, putting down his note cards and grabbing his glass. “To her majesty the Queen.”

The correct British custom when performing the Loyalty Oath, as it's called, is that after you say "To the Queen", or in this case, "To her majesty, the Queen", that's the cue for the orchestra to start to play the British national anthem, "God Save The Queen". Everyone stands while the anthem is being played just as we do here, and the toast is drunk once the anthem is finished.

Except President Obama had some more of his tortured rhetoric to deliver and continued talking during the beginning of anthem as the orchestra played!

Needless to say, this was as big a faux pas as if someone had been yakking at a state affair during "The Star Spangled Banner", and the Queen smiled uncertainly throughout. Thankfully, the president at least had the sense to put his glass back down on the table and not chug his wine while the anthem was playing.

Admittedly this is a small if amusing deal. But haven't we always been told how sophisticated and brilliant this president is, and how much better he was going to get along with our allies?

It's obvious that that so-called ignorant cowboy President George W. Bush knew better than to do this - if he ever had, it would have been a front page story in big headlines across the country.

(hat tip, Louie Louie)

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louielouie said...

was going to get along with our allies?

did you say allies?

Freedom Fighter said...

I'm really relieved to hear from you and see that you're OK...