Thursday, May 19, 2011

Missing The Point Of Obama's Middle East Speech On Israel

As I predicted, President Obama's Middle East speech dealt only peripherally with Israel and the Palestinians, although you'd never know that to see the media coverage. The Drudge headline based on the AP story, 'Obama sides with Palestinians' is typical.

What Obama actually did was retreat back to endorsing President Bush's agreement with Sharon RE: The Roadmap, the 1948 lines with adjustments to reflect demographic reality. You know, the one Obama and Hillary swore never existed.And Obama, just like Bush, pointedly left out Jerusalem.

Of course, being Obama, he crouched it in such harsh language, referring to a 'Palestinian' state 'based on the '67 borders' and the 'humiliation of permanent occupation' that the Israelis and their considerable base of supporters will end up being livid.

For that matter, what President Obama endorsed today is pretty damned close to Israeli PM Benyamin Netanyahu's peace proposal, including a demilitarized 'Palestinian' state.

None of it matters, since the 'Palestinians' won't accept any of it anyway, and the Israelis are not going to go back to the '67 lines unless they're suicidal. And President Obama is fully aware of that.

He likewise told the 'Palestinians' that the US will not support their efforts to circumvent negotiations and declare a state via the UN, ( which could just mean we abstain instead of using a veto) and that the US is going to wait and see how the new Hamas/Fatah beast behaves, and if they at least give lip service to the idea of recognizing Israel.

This of course will tick off the 'Palestinians' yet again another case of our amateur president angering both sides of a dispute!

This was President Obama's way of trying to back away from the mess he created - at least for now.

The main point of today's festivities was to announce more jirzyah for the Arabs and to lay the ground for legitimizing the Muslim Brotherhood.

As I mentioned before, this is a speech along the lines of the Leftist politicians who were insisting circa 1948 that Mao was just an 'agrarian reformer'.

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Anonymous said...

Methinks YOU miss the point Of Obama's Middle East Speech On Israel. He has set Israel up as the fall guys. Netanyahu has already rejected this element of Obama's policy speech, so clearly Israel will come to be seen as the bad guys - the obstacle to peace. Just watch the MSM latch on to this . And that dear chap, was the sly hand behind the pen that signed off on the speech.

Anonymous said...

Glad someone else heard what I heard. I actually tweeted that Obamna's "peace plan" was nothing new. That it basically has been the US's position for decades. Agree that this is a way to support the Islamists in Egypt and across the Middle East. He is being advised by former Carterites and their ideological children. Never mind Mao, remember these idiots supported Khomeini in Iran. That worked out well for the world didn't it?

Freedom Fighter said...

Hello Anonymous,
Neither the Israelis or 'Palestinians' would ever sign off on this, and Obama knows it.

The AP story I linked to was particularly stoo-pid on this one, to the point of outright distortion.

As I said, Zero is just backing away from the mess he created.

The far more insidious parts were his tacit endorsements of Muslim Brotherhood governments in Egypt and Libya, comparing them to the American Revolution.

I saw this coming long before he made his speech.

Rob Miller @ Joshuapundit

Right Truth said...

You are right, the Palestinians won't agree to this, but as Ann Barnhardt said, they will use this as a go-ahead to continue attacking Israel.

Right Truth