Friday, May 27, 2011

Pat Condell 'Let's Blame the Jews'

Some words of wisdom and no holds barred straight talk on Jews, Muslims, Europe and Jew hatred.

(hat tip and a commendation to long tome Joshua's Army member Joyce C.)

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nazar said...

This guy is awesome, he really broke it down. Based on the violence in the name of islam, and my own personal experiences in afghanistan, muslims really are the most bigoted backward people on earth. In afghanistan, I saw a 33 year old man with an 11 year old wife, and we caught one guy no shit screwing a dog at night! Plus, the marines who weren't white, even my hispanic squad leader, were called "nigger" on a few occasions (I forgot what the pashtun word is, that's what our terp told us.)

louielouie said...

ff posting p/c.
the times must be changing.
the one caveat to the commentary comes at the very end when p/c makes his quote/phrase, "any sane people". and therein lies the rub. i was going to say something about hair and a sack but forgot what it was. i'm off to rasmussen to see how far about 50% hussein's j/a/r is going into the memorial day weekend.