Tuesday, May 03, 2011

Harper And Conservatives Score Huge Victory In Canada

Canadian PM Stephen Harper and the Conservative Party scored a stunning victory yesterday in the Canadian elections.

As you might remember, the elections were triggered by a no confidence vote in Canada's House of Commons engineered in a back room deal by the Liberal Party, the far Left New Democrats and Bloquistes( the French in Quebec), who got together and voted en masse to oust Harper's government and go to elections.

Well, the results are in and apparently Canadians aren't easily fooled. Harper and the Conservatives needed to increase their totals to 155 seats for a majority. They surged and gained 23 seats, giving them a clear majority with 167.

Meanwhile, the Liberals dropped to 34 seats the Bloc Québécois ended up with a mere 4 seats, with Liberal Party leader Michael Ignatieff losing his own Toronto seat.

The Bloc Québécois ended up losing most of its seats to the New Democrats, a Left wing party dominated by the hard Left and the Unions, The NDP won 105 seats, and its leader Jack Layton now becomes the Official Opposition leader.

Harper's campaign slogan was 'A strong, stable, national Conservative majority government' and it resonated with Canadians observing Canada's relatively strong economic performance in a time of global turmoil. Canadians see that Harper's government has pursued policies that have kept the Canadian dollar, the Loonie strong and the economy on solid footing. And of course, they have a superb example of what can happen with the Left in the saddle right next door.

The Conservatives now have an unassailable majority and will be able to proceed with their agenda without obstacles, although Harper was careful to pledge to work with other parties.

"We are intensely aware that we are and we must be the government of all Canadians, including those who did not vote for us," Harper said.

Because it's Canada, the election was a relatively civil affair,although the CBC, Canada's public broadcaster proved that the Left is the same all over by breaking Canada's election blackout law and reporting results before a 10 p.m. EST, or 7 p.m. PST when the polls close. The CBC claims they "experienced a technical error which resulted in early election results from Eastern Canada being broadcast on CBC News Network."

Harper's Conservatives are an excellent example of how the GOP should proceed,offering Americans real, no nonsense policies and responsible conservative government. That's the real hope and change Americans are looking for as the antidote to President Obama's mismanagement.

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