Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Senate Resolution Rebuking Obama On Israel Has Major Bi-Partisan Support

Senate Democrats are expected to support a bi-partisan resolution rebuffing President Obama's call for Israeli borders based on the pre 1967 cease fire lines.

The resolution is being drafted by Orrin Hatch ( R-UT) and Joe Lieberman ( I-CT) and is already garnering considerbale support from senators in both parties.

The draft language states “it is contrary to the U.S. policy and national security to have the borders of Israel return to the boundaries of 1949 or 1967.”

Even Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid broke with the president on this one, speaking at AIPAC.

“The place where negotiating will happen must be the negotiating table — and nowhere else. Those negotiations will not happen — and their terms will not be set — through speeches, or in the streets, or in the media,” Reid told the audience. “No one should set premature parameters about borders.”

“Israel’s borders must be defensible and must reflect reality on the ground,” said House Democratic Whip Steny Hoyer (Md.) in a slap at Obama’s speech last Thursday. “Peace can only be achieved by a return to the negotiating table without preconditions.”

What they're doing, of course, is damage control, not for themselves but for other democrats to whom the mud might stick. Reid doesn't have an election to worry about for another five years, and Hoyer's seat is one of the safest in the House.

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