Friday, May 27, 2011

LATMA's Latest - SOTA Israeli Satire!

A few crib notes:

The bit Army Radio head being dismissed is because Army Radio, which is supposed to be non-partisan has been flirting with Leftist propaganda for some time now since this guy's been running it.

The Peace Now reference about Peace Now Lefty loon Yoram Oppenheimer saying that 'nobody understands rich white people like he does end with an EU flag...and the 'rich white people' in the EU, of course, are the primary funder of Oppenheimer and Peace Now!

The joke about the football ( soccer) crowd refers to the Arab custom of firing guns in the air at celebrations like weddings.

Yonit Levy is a Channel 2 newscaster of the Leftish persuasion.

In the every last bit, Mordechai Vaanunu is the Israeli traitor who revealed details about Israel's nuclear weapons program and Tali Fahima is a far Left Israeli lunatic who had an affair with Zakaria Zubeidi, Jenin chief of the terrorist Al-Aqsa Martyr's brigade, was convicted of helping to plan terrorist attacks against Israel and who later converted to Islam.

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