Thursday, May 05, 2011

Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt: "End All Relations With The Zionists"

As the Egyptian elections approach in September, The Muslim Brotherhood is the best organized political force in the country, has put together a new political party called the Freedom and Justice party ( obviously a nod to Turkey's Islamist AKP) and will likely have a dominant majority once the election results are in. And they're making no secret of their intentions when it comes to Israel.

“We should now raise our voice to ask for: an end to normalization [with Israel] which has given our enemy stability; an end to [Egyptian] efforts to secure from infiltrators the borders of the Zionists; the abolition of all [joint] economic interests such as the Qualified Industrial Zones agreement and the export of Egyptian gas to Israel,” said Mohamed Badie, the Brotherhood’s leader.

Translated, that means an end to diplomatic and trade relations with Israel,the likely re-militarization of the Sinai Peninsula by Egypt, and an end of the gas sales to Israel and the industrial cooperation, all of which were part of the Camp David Accords under which Israel agreed to turn over the Sinai to Egypt and are now likely to become so much worthless paper. It appears that Land for Peace was just another desert mirage after all, and has turned out to be an expensive lesson for Israel.

Another consequence for Israel is a stop to Egyptian attempts to keep Iranian weapons and fighters a out of the territory held by the Brotherhood's Gaza offshoot Hamas. Earlier this week, the Egyptians announced that they will be reopening the Rafah crossing and ending any efforts to stop traffic through Gaza's smuggling tunnels.

This is especially significant since the new Egyptian government was instrumental in midwifing the secret reconciliation agreement between Hamas and Fatah.

Given the rabid Jew hatred in Egypt after years of 'anti-Zionist' propaganda, the Brotherhood's stance is quite popular in Egypt.While Egypt can likely not afford the cost of a new war with Israel, there's no doubt that in the event of hostilities between Israel and Hamas, weapons and 'volunteers' in the form of Egyptian troops out of uniform would likely flow freely across the Egypt/Gaza border.

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Anonymous said...

Time to take Sinai back.

Anonymous said...

My understanding is that the U.S. is a guarantor of the treaty & that U.S. aid to Egypt is predicated upon Egypt's compliance.
So, does this mean that U.S. aid must stop? Don't hold your breath.
Similarly, the Hamas/Fatah ''unity'' gov't. should mean the end of U.S. financial aid to ''Palestine'' - again, don't hold your breath.

B. Silver said...

From the beginning I knew that whole this revolution in North Africa was a cover for radical Islam, in order to unite on a common front against Israel. It was a matter of time. Our media constantly underline their alleged desire for freedom... Nonsense! Islam wants only one, of conquest, not of peace. Israel should respond them the same. I'm going to Israel soon and therefore I'm little afraid of the local situation, but in the end Arabs have no chance against Israel. I saw the Israeli soldiers and muslims. Jews looks like from another world; Arabs like savages of the Amazon. Who knows... maybe Sinai will back to Israel soon?
Greetings :)

Rosey said...

Let's get it over with and stop playing games. Bring out the nukes and annihilate Israel's enemies once and for all. Then there will be lasting peace in the Mid East...