Friday, May 27, 2011

Puppy With Two Broken Legs Crawls Home After Surviving Tornado

You have to wonder how the link between dog and man was forged thousands of years ago at the dawn of time, and how and why it endures.

Mason is a terrier mix puppy who was caught by a tornado in Alabama, thrown high in the air and landed far from home. His owners were sure he was dead, but they found him in the wreckage of their home two weeks later - after he manged somehow to crawl home on two broken legs.

"This is probably the most dramatic we've seen as far as an injury in an animal that's survived this long," said Phil Doster at Birmingham Jefferson County Animal Control shelter, who is caring for Mason following surgery.

"For an animal just to show up on someone's porch after this time was pretty remarkable, especially with the condition he's in."

Well yes, it is. But then Mason probably knew his people needed him and he wasn't going to give up until he found them, or died trying.

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