Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Adam Corolla On Why California Votes Democrat

There's a great deal of truth in what Adam Corolla has to say here...


louielouie said...

i have heard that the central valley is not what you hear about in california. i hear that they are predominantly center right. they are workers. they are agricultural. okies?
i have heard that it it just that there are so many people crammed into san chicago and lost angeles that they are the ones whose voices are heard, because that's where the media is.
quick comment maybe?

Rob said...

Here's the skinny, Louie.

The Central, Imperial and San Joaquin Valleys USED to be like that, and are a bit more conservative than L.A. and San Francisco.

So is the Inland Empire ( San Bernardino,Redlands,Riverside, etc) and Orange County. But they're outgunned by the populations in the Bay Area and Los Angeles.

As for farming,that's a real tragedy. The Central Valley used to be one of the premier farming areas in the world. California's agriculture was one of its chief industries.

And then California's Democrats discovered a small fish called the delta smelt and used the possible endangerment of its habitat to shut down the dams, water and irrigation projects that made the Valley so fertile.These project cost Californians millions when they were built, and they're now useless.

Thousands of acres of farmland that used to be prosperous and productive are now fallow thanks to a bureaucratically induced drought,a lot of the farmers went bust and to add insult to injury, the Central and Imperial valleys in particular are overrun by illegal aliens.

Not a pretty story,bro.