Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Chutzpah Cubed - Syria Condemns Israel For 'Vicious Aggression' In Gaza!

Syria’s Foreign Ministry condemned Israel for its retaliation against the Gaza Strip for rocket and mortar attacks, calling for urgent international intervention against Israel:

A statement by the Foreign and Expatriates Ministry highlighted Syria's stress on the importance of taking immediate action by the international community to halt these vicious aggressions, inflict punishment on those behind them and work on lifting the unjust siege imposed on this Strip since years.

"While stressing so," the statement added, "Syria draws the attention of the Arab people to the gravity of the suspicious Arab moves led by some Gulf states at different international forums against Syria as they offer a service to the Israeli entity to cover what is taking place in the Gaza Strip."

The Foreign and Expatriates Ministry said that "Gaza, sinking in its blood since days, is absolutely certain that Damascus will keep supporting it despite the Arabs' preoccupation in conspiring against Syria."

The picture above shows Syrian civilians fleeing for cover as Syrian leader Basher Assad's artillery opens up on them in the Karm al Zeitoun neighborhood in Homs.

If it wasn't for the fact that thousands of people are being slaughtered in Syria by the Assad government, this would be laugh out loud funny.

The Syrian government is intensifying its assault on the rebels, pushing them out of the the city of Idlib and pushing on to Der'aa, near the Turkish border.

As the revolution against Assad falters and the body count rises, the UN sent none other than former Secretary General Kofi Annan to present a ceasefire proposal to the Assad government. That makes sense in a way, since we know that because of his involvement with the Oil forFood scandal, Kofi Annan is quite comfortable and has a lot of experience dealing with corrupt Arab dictators involved in brutalizing their own people.

The Syrian regime has replied tentatively that it is seeking clarifications on how the UN's proposals to end the violenc would be implemented.

Annan's spokesman told reporters that Annan had received a response from Syrian authorities, and "has questions and is seeking answers."

I'm sure the Syrian government will be willing to stop the violence..once its enemies are decimated and Assad has consolidated his regime.

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