Monday, March 19, 2012

Four Murdered At Jewish School In France

I am saddened to report the murder of a rabbi and three Jewish children by a gunman who attacked Ozar Hatorah school in Toulouse, France today.

The victims were Rabbi Jonathan Sandler and two of his sons, Arye, 6, and Gabriel, 3 and the young daughter of the school principle, Miriam Monsonego, 8 (H"YD). Another student was critically wounded.

Rabbi Sandler and his family came to Toulouse from Jerusalem with his family just last September to teach religious studies at the school.

The killer simply rode up on a motor bike when the children were entering the school and started shooting at them, then left the same way. According to witnesses, the killer filmed the murders with a small video camera he had attached to this neck.

Both French President President Nicolas Sarkozy and his main rival for the presidency, Socialist François Hollande denounced the attack, and both of them broke off their political campaigns to rush to the scene.

Sarkozy called the murders a “national tragedy” and ordered a minute’s silence to be observed across France on Tuesday at 11 a.m. Special prayers were offered today at Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris

There is a tie in to other incidents in the same area.The attack comes days after three soldiers were killed and two wounded in two separate shootings, also by a man who escaped on a motorbike. All the soldiers were said to have just come back from fighting in Afghanistan. Forensics experts in France have matched the ballistics and feel that the same gun was used in all three killings.

ברוך אמנות אתה אדוני אלוהינוהשופט האמיתי

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