Sunday, March 25, 2012

Muslim Brotherhood Islamists Flex Muscles In Egypt, Warns Military

Egypt's Muslim Brotherhhood and their salafist allies have warned the military junta against trying to stall the Islamist revolution by not removing the current interim government in favor of an Islamist one of the Brotherhood and the salafist's choosing.

The Brotherhood's official political arm, the Freedom and Justice Party, has been agitating for the interim civilian government appointed by the Supreme Council of the Armed Forces to be removed immediately since the parliamentary election, which saw the FJP and the even more radical Salafist Al-Nour party win a huge majority

In its statement, the Brotherhood accused the cureent government of being guilty of:

.. the "biggest failure", listing unrest, judicial interference, stalling reforms, fuel shortages and dwindling foreign reserves.

"When we called for the resignation of the government, its head refused, and this was unfortunately supported by the military council," the group said.

"Keeping this government as we approach presidential elections... which raises suspicions over the fairness of these elections, as well as the general decline of affairs, are things we cannot remain silent or patient over," it added.

"If anyone intends to recreate the former corrupt regime with new faces, the people are willing to move in order to revive their revolution and protect their ship from sinking at the hands of people with no sense of responsibility," it said.

What they're essentially doing is warning the generals not to get in the way of what they see as an inevitable takeover of Egypt, subtly reminding them of their strength within the Egyptian military's rank and file and telling them that now is the time to make a deal if they want to remain in the good graces of the coming Islamist regime.

Khomeini did pretty much the same thing to the generals in Iran's military in 1979.


Michal said...

You're so scared of the brotherhood that you're not even taking a look at whether the military is indeed stalling the reforms and interfering in the judiciary - which it does. Virginity tests anyone? Does the author of this blog support those? What about censorship run by the military - does the author, a red blooded American through and through support that one?

Rob said...

'Reforms'? 'democracy'? Please Michal, my sides.

By voting en masse for Salafists and the Muslim Brotherhood, the Egyptians have pretty much signaled that's not what they're about. They voted to establish what amounts to Islamist fascism, with all that entails. The junta is just trying to keep business going as usual with their perks intact, and of course they're going to fail.Although thejunta has at least tried to keep up with Egyptian norms by oppressing the Copts and demonizing Jews.

The virginity tests were just an attempt to placate the Islamists, which I'm sure you know although you probably won't admit it.This is a country where 80% of the women undergo forced clitorectomies as young girls, 75% of them are kept illiterate and where honor killings regularly occur.

Wait until the Brotherhood and the al-Nour party take over. You'll see some 'reforms', all right.


Michal said...

So debate over alcohol and bikinis is now "islamic fascism". Okay. You do realise there's massive difference between Muslim brotherhood and Al Nour right? I wonder if you can find any particularly inhumane parliamentary proposal on part of the Muslim brotherhood, because I sure couldn't. I know that being islamist isn't going to get them many sympathies, but why don't you try and look at what they really are, instead of just going by the labels?

I don't even get it why are you trying to accuse islamists of pushing through virginity tests. This is patently untrue. Virginity tests have been carried out by the military junta which you're propagating here as the safeguard of Egyptian's dignity. They've been carried out against the protesters which you claim to be all about islamism. That stands in direct contradiction to your claim that they've been "just an attempt to placate the islamists". It also stands in contradiction to, you know, islamic concept of inviolability of a woman, but let's leave that aside. If you'd look Muslim brotherhood's website, you'd find them condemning the virginity tests, too.

You talk about what I guess is a female circumcision, but again, muslim brotherood position (as can be seen on their official web) stands in opposition to it.

Really, I think you should look at the islamists for what they are as a whole, rather than at their fringe elements, and distinguish among them. There's a whole spectrum, and I think you're wrongly giving way too much space to the radicals. Which in turn only serves to empower them, anyhow.

Rob said...

Hi Michal,
Ritual hatred and ultimately genocide for Jews,sub "jim crow' status for non Muslims, death penalties for homosexuals, 'blasphemers', and any non-believer who refuses to accept dhimmi status, the subjection of women to permanently inferior status, and mindless triumphalism and the striving to bring others under the obscene yoke of the Caliphate by any means necessary - that's what the Muslim Brotherhood is about and that's what Islamic fascism is. Bikinis and alcohol are just the tip of the iceberg.

Here's what Islamic fascism is,Michal.And none of these are fringe beliefs. It all comes from the Q'uran and the Hadiths and it's what Muslim Brotherhood leader Sheik Qaradawi preaches to millions in speeches and on his Al-Jazeera radio show broadcast from Qatar. And BTW, the Sheik is all for clitorectomies and beating uppity women, and that's going to continue, no matter what kind of camouflage the Brotherhood puts on it in an English version of a website designed to use taqiyah against gullible westerners like our current president. Look at how Islamic fascism acts in places it's achieved power.

Remember, that the Brotherhood's founder al-Banna was also the inspiration for the Salifists.The difference between them is mainly a disagreement on tactics to achieve power, not their ultimate goals.

As for the Egyptian military junta, let me reassure you that I have no particular jones for them as 'saviors of Egypt'. They're simply trying to ride the wild beast and preserve their prerogatives, and of course they were always going to fail, as I predicted on these pages long ago.

Egypt is going to be the next Iran. And perhaps allied with Libya and its oil wealth and the Muslim Brotherhood group Hamas that now rules Gaza, they are going to be a significant threat to freedom.