Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Egyptian Parliament Votes To Expel Israeli Ambassador, Declares Israel 'Number One Enemy'

The Islamist dominated Egyptian parliament voted unanimously on March 12 to expel Israel's ambassador, recall Egypt's ambassador to Israel and to halt gas exports to Israel.

To vote took the form of an overwhelming endorsement of a report by the Egyptian Parliament's Arab affairs committee that declared “Revolutionary Egypt will never be a friend, partner or ally of the Zionist entity (Israel), which we consider to be the number one enemy of Egypt and the Arab nation. It will deal with that entity as an enemy, and the Egyptian government is hereby called upon to review all its relations and accords with that enemy.” The report also endorsed what it called Palestinian resistance “in all its kinds and forms” other words, terrorism against Israeli civilians.

Yes, President Obama's friends The Muslim Brotherhood are certainly non-violent, practical types, aren't they? Of course, some of us saw this coming a long time ago, back when this president and his lackeys in the dinosaur media were all extolling the virtues of the Arab Spring.

The Iranian Foreign Ministry lauded the Egyptian vote, with spokesman Ramin Mehmanparast telling reporters said, “When people in independent countries take over the helm of affairs, they do not tolerate the crimes of the Zionist regime, and the move by the Egyptian parliament was a natural response.”

“The move by the Egyptian parliament is considered logical… and we hope that all regional countries will achieve a good degree of independence to end invasions of the occupying Zionist regime.”

Essentially, the Egyptian Parliament and the Iranian regime are on the same page now when it comes to the 'Zionist Entity.'

This vote, by Egypt's new parliament is not decisive now, because the country is still controlled by the military junta, led by Mubarak’s defense minister for 20 years, Field Marshal Hussein Tantawi. But that situation isn't going to endure as it is much longer.

Eventually, the Egyptian military will be faced with the same choice Iran's was. Either to make war on their own people, or make a devil's bargain with the new Islamist regime in order to hang on to some vestige of their perks and privileges.

In Iran, the military were thought of in Washington DC just as Egypt's is today, as rational actors. But when it came down to it, the Iranian military stepped aside to enabled Khomeini to take power. Afterwards, some Iranian military officers were murdered, some fled into exile, and others became willing parts of the new regime.

Egypt is headed right on course to become the next Iran. And while Egypt doesn't have any oil wealth,Libya, now ruled by exactly the same mixture of Salafists and Muslim Brotherhood does...and just remember, these people believe in a unified Muslim caliphate.

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