Friday, March 16, 2012

A Personal Message From Israel's Iron Dome Soldiers

Here we have something unique...a nation's warriors talk to the citizens they're defending, the Israeli population being attacked with rockets from Gaza. They look like fierce, young eagles.

I especially liked the last part, a young soldier's message to his mother. The English translation is at the bottom of the screen.

Only in Israel!

(h/t, Snoopy)


B.Poster said...

"Only in Israel!!" I think you are right, only in Israel.

This is really, really cool. The morale of these men and women seems extremely high. They are doing exactly what they signed on to do and want to do. That is to defend their homeland.

If American troops could address the American people I wonder what they would say. In contrast to the Israeli forces, instead of defending America like most of these men and women signed up to do they are instead engaged in fruitless nation building efforts thousands of miles away. No wonder the morale of our warriors is low and getting lower.

Our warriors need to be redeployed to positions on our borders and off our coasts where they have a fighting chance to deend our country and its people. To do any thing else is to do a disservice to them, to America, and to its people.

These "fierce, young eagles" are the most important buffer between us and Islamic terrorist enemies whou would do us harm. If Islamic terrorist assets were not deployed against Israel, they'd be deployed elsewhere, probably much closer to America. Without Israel it would be much more costly and more difficult to defend America.

The importance of the Israelis as a buffer between us and Islamic terrorists is only going to grow in coming years. From continuing operations in Afghanistan, Iraq, and elsewhere the US military is now worn out and broken. Furthermore the commanding officers and the politicians who are in charge understand nothing of tactics or strategic thinking. In order to have a capable military, the US military will need to be rebuilt from the ground up on all levels, new officers will need to be trained, and we will may have to lean heavily on other nations who understand these things to help us in this regard.

Building a military which include capable Naval, Air Force, and land equipment, training the officers, and getting them in the field, in the air, and on the water and combat ready takes significant time and money. America has neither of these commodities right now and is unlikely to at any time in the future. In its current state, the ability of the American military to carry out even basic dfesne of the American mainland is problematic at best.

Given this dire state that America is in, the role of allies like Israel will become even more important in the future. I wonder if we can get any more allies like this? It will be exceedingly difficult. It will likely begin changing the narrative about America around the world. As long as we are almost universially despised, getting the assistance we badly need will be probelmatic at best and very likely impossible.

Old School said...

As long as Israel has young men and women like these willing to defend her, she need not fear.

louielouie said...

they all look ....... jooish.

Israeli Jew said...

Thanks so much for posting this! Kol Hakavod!