Thursday, March 01, 2012

American Hostages In Egypt Released - For $5M Of Our Tax Dollars

The Egyptian regime has released the American hostages it had charged with espionage after 'bail' of $300,000 per head was paid for them and for nine other NGO workers who had already managed to get out of the country. The seven Americans are on their way to an undisclosed location in Europe.

One of the seven the Egyptians held on to until they received the money was the son of Ray LaHood, President Obama's Secretary of Transportation.

Officially, the US State Department claimed that the ransom was paid by the various NGO's involved that the hostages worked for, but since those NGO's are all government funded it's obvious where the money is coming from.

Officially the American NGO workers were charged with operating without a license and using illegal foreign funds to foment unrest.But according to what Egyptian Prosecutor Khaled Suleiman told Reuters, the individuals and their organizations are accused of espionage and being in contact with the CIA as well as providing reports on Egypt to the U.S. State Department.

Last week, Egyptian Judge Mahmud Mohamed Shukry adjourned the trial until April 26, to provide some time for the inevitable haggling. After the ruling, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton
called the situation "fluid" with "a lot of moving parts" bringing an image to mind so hideous I'll spare you by not repeating it.

At any rate, the baksheesh has been paid, and the hostages are on their way home.

I can almost guarantee you that the $1.2 billion in aid we give Egypt every year won't be affected. And I certainly wouldn't be surprised in the least if this happens once things quiet down as part of the deal.


Anonymous said...

The International Republican Institute was one of the non-government agencies that paid this money to Egypt. Senator John McCain, chairman of the International Republican Institute, praised the Muslim Brotherhood as “important in helping to resolve the crisis.” Look it up.

louielouie said...

a spokesperson for the US state dept.

Rob said...

Hey Senator McCain is wrong about something...again? What's your point?

And BTW, the IRI gets US government funding...just like I said in the article. Make no mistake, about it, we paid for this.

Do you like theidea of the Muslim Brotherhood and the Salifis running Egypt Anonymous? Do you actually know anything about them?

Anonymous said...

Wait a minute! "all the NGO's are funded by the government"??? So... what does "NGO" stand for?

Rob said...

Ah, Anonymous...the travails of reading comprehension strike again...

First of all, if you're going to misquote me, get a clue - don't do it where people can look at what I wrote and realize what you've done. Take the filthy business elsewhere, to Daily Kos or Think Progress of PuffHo where they'll believe anything and people can't see the original.

What I wrote, precisely is "the IRI gets US government funding...just like I said in the article." This is also how the Obama Administration helps Hamas in its war against the Jews - it simply launders the money through NGO's in Gaza.

A lot of non-governmental organizations are either partly or entirely funded by governments. What 'NGO' signifies is that it's not an official arm of a particular government. For instance, the EU almost entirely funds the virulently Leftist anti-Israel NGO B'Tselem, but it's not 'officially' an arm of the just does their 'anti-Zionist' bidding.

So, just another instance of me providing you with some badly needed education.

You really ought to be fair, do the decent thing and hit the PayPal tip jar for at least $100 for all the education and thrills and attention I've given you since you started commenting here.


Rob said...

BTW, Anonymous..I notice you punted on my question about how you feel about the Muslim Brotherhood and the Salafis running Egypt, and whether you actually know anything about them.

Duly noted.


Anonymous said...

Rob, you're a dick.

What you say in your article may be true, but you're still a dick. This was the first, and last, post of yours that I'll read.

Rob said...

*chuckle* I guess admitting you were dead wrong and bailing was easier than hitting the tip jar, hmmm?

Ah well...I'll try and survive missing out on your informed, thoughtful and above all factual comments.

Buh bye!