Monday, March 19, 2012

Kharzai: Americans Are 'Demons' , 'Satanic'; Afghans Claim Killings A Planned Military Strike

Afghan President Hamid Kharzai is repeatedly referring to Americans in Afghanistan as 'demons', refers to the Q'uran burnings as "wild and inhumane' and as “Satanic acts that will never be forgiven by apologies” and said that the killing of 16 Afghan civilians was "not the first incident, indeed it was the 100th, the 200th and 500th incident."

In a recent speech that was broadcast all over the country on Friday, the day Muslims go to mosques to get riled up by incendiary sermons, he called on Afghans to "pray for God to rescue us from these two demons,” meaning America and the Taliban.

What President Kharzai is doing is attempting to bolster his own popularity by indulging in rhetoric that threatens the lives of the very people whom are keeping him in power.

Just wait, it gets better.

As you may remember, the Afghans are conducting their own investigations into the unfortunate events surrounding the killing of 16 civilians in Kandahar.

While Army Staff Sergeant Robert Bales is being held in Ft. Leavenworth awaiting charges for the killings, the Afghan investigators, which included a number of mullahs and members of the Kharzai government have come up with their own story, and it surpasses even the usual exaggeration and hyperbole one constantly sees in the Muslim world.

The Afghans are claiming
that two groups of soldiers, totaling 15 to 20 troops, carried out a planned attack with air support:

The delegation, sent to Kandahar by the Afghan House of Representatives, reported that two groups of soldiers, totaling 15 to 20 troops, carried out a planned attack with air support, killing nine children and seven other civilians.

But the US investigation has repeatedly maintained that only one soldier was behind the assassination.

Unbelievable. But to be expected when our 'ally' Afghan President Hamid Kharzai is referring to us as 'demons'.

No matter what happens in the Bales case, I say we take him at his word. Let's pull out of Afghanistan and leave them to the barbaric 7th century Islamo-Disneyland they obviously find so much more to their liking.

As for Kharzhai, I guarantee you that as soon as we leave he, his cronies and their families will be jetting to Europe or the Emirates right behind us to enjoy the money they've stolen from us over the last decade.

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