Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Democrats: Overturning ObamaCare Helps Them In The Election

Some of you thought I was reaching a little bit when I suggested yesterday that the Obama Administration may have decided to throw the fight and let the Supreme Court overturn ObamaCare to help win the election. Well, look what crawled out of the woodwork...two very well connected and informed Democrats that feel exactly the same way:

Neither of them is saying that President Obama is deliberately letting ObamaCare go down in flames - just pointing out the benefits.

I'll repeat the scenario I mentioned yesterday... ObamaCare's repealed,and President Obama is able to jettison a markedly unpopular issue that's been a major rallying point for Republicans while giving him the issue of saying how he'll fix healthcare during his next term.

Employers start hiring, especially small businesses now that they don't have ObamaCare staring them in the face. Unemployment drops, the Dow goes up,the president can say his 'policies' are working. The American people get gulled into thinking things are headed in the right direction, Obama gets re-elected..and then is free to proceed in destroying America and its economy without fear of any electoral consequences. Even better,he gets a chance at nominating at least two more Supreme Court justices with the radical viewpoints and ideology similar to those he's already nominated, so that the changes he makes stay that way.

Crazy, yes. But stranger things have happened since Barack Obama slithered into the Oval Office.

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louielouie said...

after more reading of this. i think the supremes will kick the can down the road.
too many screaming ninnies who want their free stuff.