Monday, March 26, 2012

SecState Clinton Announces National Security Waiver On US Aid To Egypt

Late Friday, when no one was paying attention, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton informed Congress that she had issued a national security waiver on US aid to Egypt. So it's official now - Egypt will get its $1.5 million in military aid.

I've already discussed the problems with that here.

The arms will eventually get into the hands of the Muslim Brotherhood, and some of them will likely end up in the hands of Hamas.

But of course, what's important to the Obama Administration is appeasing Islamists at every turn.

One argument that's been made in favor of the military aid is that if we curtailed it, our relationship with Egypt would essentially be over.

So what? What kind of 'relationship' do you think we have with a government that held U.S. citizens for a $5 million ransom?

For all we know, unblocking the aid might very well have been part of the deal for their release.

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