Tuesday, March 27, 2012

The Individual Mandate - Not Doing So Well In The Supreme Court Chambers

Left leaning CNN legal analyst Jeffrey Toobin listened to the arguments and the questions from the justices and called today "a trainwreck for the Obama Administration. All of the predictions, including mine, that the Justices would not have a problem with this law were wrong."

You can literally hear the panic and shock in his voice.

Justice Kennedy in particular looks very promising on this one. This is also the second account I've seen saying that Paul Clement, the attorney representing the plaintiffs challenging ObamaCare was outstanding, and that U.S. Solicitor general Donald Verrilli was unprepared and absolutely awful when it came to answering the justices' questions.

Color me very cautiously optimistic.

But here's something to consider. Let's suppose, just for giggles that the president and his campaign have decided to deliberately throw ObamaCare under the bus to help his re-election?

The bill, especially the individual mandate is unpopular in an almost biblical sense, with almost two thirds of the American people. It doesn't poll well, it's a signature rallying cry for Republicans and it's the last thing President Obama wants to campaign on.

So what if - wait for it - President Obama deliberately decided to throw this particular fight? It takes away a major issue from Republicans, causes the Dow and the GDP to rise almost overnight and helps jobs and the economy as employers start hiring again now that they know they no longer have the specter of ObamaCare hanging over them.

The economy improves, things seem to be going on the right track and what do you know? The president is re-elected.After which he can continue destroying the country unimpeded by any worries about another election.Or at least,that might be the plan that's been cooked up.

Insane scenario? Well,crazier things have happened,haven't they?....I mean, did you ever think we'd have a totally unvetted president of Barack Obama's character and extreme views in the White House?


louielouie said...

nothing matters until the opinion is in. my money says hussein will call a couple of justices to the white house for consultations. just to make sure they have the correct opinion.

B.Poster said...

I certainly like your optimism and I hope you are right. Frankly, your optimism, while generally not warranted, is one of the reasons I read the blog.

Now with that said SCOTUS judges always ask tough questions of EVERYONE, if for no other reason than to make it look good. Not sure why the analyst is panicing. One of two things will happen. 1.)We get Obamacare lock, stock, and barrell without any modifications. 2.)The judges toss out some minor portions of Obaamcare while leaving the monstrosity largely intact. Essentailly Mr. Obama gets what he wants regardless of 1 or 2 being the outcome.

Once Obamacare passes the Surpeme Court, the US, which is already bankrupt, will now be in an even worse position. As a result of this, will the creditors and the world decide once and for all to end the dollar's role as world reserve currency? This was going to happen any way regardless how Obamacare went in the courts but such a move by SCOTUS will only hasten the process.

The states are already having trouble paying their bills. Obamacare will only make things worse. What will the states do about this? Clearly they cannot afford this and I suspect they don't want to be pulled down with the sinking ship known as the United States. In many cases, their best bet would be to separate from the Union entirely and go their own separate ways. Any State leaders worth their salt should have a seccession plan on the table. What wil the federal government do in this case? How will the military act on this?

These are all very difficult things to ascertain. If SCOTUS makes the right decision and strikes down Obamacare perhaps much of this can be avoided. I say "much of this" because the dollar's role as world reserve currency is all but over regardless of the outcome here.

With the right leaderhsip America can emerge from this better and stronger than it was when it went in but it will require good leadership. Unfortunately good leadership is lacking in both the Republican and Democratic parties right now.

louielouie said...

It takes away a major issue from Republicans,

if the repub nominee were a conservative it would/will/should still be an issue. and should be mentioned ten times per day. minimum.

louielouie said...

after re-reading your alternative, saul alinsky scenario, would that not require this occupant of the white house to set aside his arrogance?
is that possible?

Rob said...

Not really Louie. he whine about how the evil Republicans were depriving 40 million people of health care,that pre-existing conditions will no longer be covered, etc. "But I'm going to fight for this inmy next term."

Is it possible? With this president, anything's possible.