Friday, March 30, 2012

Massive Attacks On Israel's Borders By 'Peaceful Protesters'

Today was the day the 'Palestinians', Israel's Arab neighbors and a number of foreign groupies had set aside for 'peaceful protest marches' against Israel's borders in honor of 'Land Day'. What they really are are violent riots featuring the attempted destruction of border fences, firebombs, the occasional gunfire and stones.

And of course the press, seen here hiding behind a posed 'Palestinian' protester. As you know, people tend to act out more when the cameras are on them, so what we're really seeing is the press inciting violence. That shot will probably make the EU newspapers and websites:

The IDF and Israel Police went on high alert Friday, imposing a full closure on the West Bank, limiting access to the Temple Mount and setting up checkpoints on roads near the Lebanese border ahead of expected protests marking Land Day and the Global March to Jerusalem.

Protests were taking place across the West Bank in Kalandiya, Bethlehem, Hebron, Nabi Saleh, Budrus and other villages. Israeli media reported that IDF troops fired warning shots toward protesters in the Gaza Strip who approached the closed Erez Crossing.

At the Kalandiya checkpoint Palestinian protesters were clashing with Israeli forces, throwing rocks, firebombs and burning tires. Security forces were using large amounts of tear gas, stun grenades, sound weapons and foul-smelling water to disperse the protesters.

I object to the word 'protesters' in this case, which shows you how far the Jerusalem Post has fallen from its former standards.Rioters is the proper term.

From Ynet:

Jordanian news sites have reported that some 8,000 people are gathering in order to take part in the massive march towards the Israeli border. There is increased security presence in the area.

Lebanese newspaper As-Safir reported that 120 buses will be transporting Lebanese participants and participants from Palestinian refugee camps to the Global March on Jerusalem

Twitter user Captain Barak Raz, who identifies himself as a spokesperson for the IDF's division in Judea and Samaria , posted a video of protesters throwing a firebomb at Israeli security forces.

“Firebombs on security forces peaceful protest???,” Raz tweeted when linking to the video. “#Yeahright.”

Raz also posted a picture of a Palestinian child throwing a stone for the photographers.

“Wow that’s one young rioter!!” Raz tweeted. “Peaceful??”

“This is how Palestinian rioters educate their children to terror,” one tweet on the feed read.

That's exactly why Oslo and the entire 'peace process' was always nonsense.

Ask yourself...what kind of parent would take a child of theirs into the middle of a violent riot? What kind of parent would smilingly teach him this kind of hatred?

The official purpose today was to violently penetrate Israel's borders and 'reconquer' Jerusalem.

The unofficial purpose is best expressed by Noah Pollack, executive director of the Emergency Committee for Israel.

“GMJ uses the same PR tactic that has become standard for all the terrorist groups who attack Israel. They want to put the Israelis in a situation where they have to kill people. Hamas, Hezbollah, GMJ—it’s all the same strategy: force the IDF to kill people, get it on video, kick back and enjoy the media furor.”

Which explains why the child was there in front of the cameras.

Even more revealing are some of the anti-Semitic jackals in the west who are staunchly supporting today's festivities, including Desmond Tutu, Noam Chomsky and Cornell West, Nobel peace laureate Mairead Maguire, and the Rev. Jeremiah Wright.

I understand why the Israelis don't use live fire on the rioters, but as Napoleon once observed while dealing with mobs in Paris while still a general, a response like a volley of warning shots that doesn't exact severe casualties only makes the mobs bolder and just leads to more carnage and loss of life once a forceful response is required.

I'll say again what I've said for over a decade now. There is no 'two-state solution'. The 'Palestinians' have made sure of that ever since Yitzhak Rabin and Israel's Labor government foolishly listened to Bill Clinton and let Yasser Arafat bring his murderous thugs in form Tunis and take over.

Nor is there a 'peace process'...not with these people. The solution for Israel is to annex the areas in Judea and Samaria it wants as its borders,guard and protect those borders, expel every Arab non-Israeli citizen within Israel to the other side of that border and move any Jews outside the border back to Israeli territory.

They then need to cut off all contact with the Arab occupied areas of Gaza, Judea and Samaria and inform the people who refer to themselves as 'Palestinians' that any attacks on Israel's sovereign territory will be treated as an act of war and dealt with as such. The usual suspects in the media would go crazy for a couple of weeks, but after that, the caravan would move on, even though some of the dogs would continue to bark.

Telling Hamas that the next rocket or mortar shell fired at Israel's civilians from Gaza would lead to a no-holds-barred full on war might just have more of a deterrent effect than the occasional pinpoint raids.

It's about time the Israelis realized that.


Israeli Jew said...

You're exactly right. The sooner the government acts on it, annexes Judea and Samaria and puts the non-Israeli Arabs on the other side of the border, the more real peace we'll have.

Anonymous said...

In response to the last paragraph:
Believe me we realized that a looong time ago. Our brave leadership, however, hasn't. At least not yet.