Thursday, March 29, 2012

Obama's 'Budget' Gets Hammered in Congress 414-0; Ryan's Budget Passes House

Congress voted today on what President Obama called his 'budget', a menage of outlandish spending and tax increases that made no attempt to embrace reality..and it failed miserably 414-0. Not a single Democrat was willing to hold their nose and vote for it.

A second even more outlandish budget proposal sponsored by the Congressional Black Caucus that called for an additional $4 trillion in tax increases and vast increases in domestic spending beyond even what President Obama proposed also went down to defeat 314-107, although the usual suspects voted for it.

What finally passed, 228-191 was Paul Ryan's budget. Admittedly,it hasn't got a prayer of passing the Democrat dominated Senate but at least it's out there as a blueprint for fiscal sanity.

"We are ceding our sovereignty and our ability to control our own destiny as a country when we have to hope that other countries will lend us money," Ryan said Wednesday. "We've got to get this under control."

"If we don't tackle these debt problems soon, they're going to tackle us as a country."

Ryan's budget slashes $5 trillion more than President Obama's proposal, reduces spending in 2013 and 2014 compared to 2012, and revives his proposal last year about turning Medicare into a health insurance supplement program for anyone younger than 55.

Below, you can see Rep. Debbie Wasserman-Schultz's brainless screed about how Rep. Ryna's proposal is going to kill medicare..and Ryan's response, reminding her that it was the she voted for Obamacare, a bill that purloined half a trillion dollars from Medicare at the expense of seniors to fund it.

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