Thursday, June 27, 2013

Amnestia Si ! Senates Votes 68-32 In Favor


You see, they simply don't care what we think anymore. They're the Ruling Class and they know better.

The Senate voted today to pass the Amnesty legislation 68-32, after Harry Reid was successful in shutting down debate and even stopping a number of proposed amendments from being  heard, much less voted on.

The Democrats voted in lockstep, which I actually respect on one level.They have their agenda and they support it.

Then there were the 14 Republicans who voted with them to send this deeply flawed legislation to the House:

Lamar Alexander of Tennessee;

Kelly Ayotte of New Hampshire;

Jeff Chiesa of New Jersey;

Susan Collins of Maine;

Bob Corker of Tennessee;

Jeff Flake of Arizona;

Lindsey Graham of South Carolina;

Orrin Hatch of Utah;

Dean Heller of Nevada;

John Hoeven of North Dakota

Mark Kirk of Illinois;

John McCain of Arizona;

Lisa Murkowski of Alaska;

As I've pointed out before, the bill is almost biblical in its arrogance, deception, and fiscal irresponsibility. It does not address the problem it was supposedly crafted to solve and it makes no provisions for securing our border. And it is laden with the same kind of obscure language and outright bribes ObamaCare was.

Any senator whom voted for this atrocity is either malicious or too naive and gullible to be taken seriously anymore.

The fight now moves to the House. While Speaker John Boehner promised again today that he wasn't going top bring this bill to a vote and that the House would come up with its own legislation, I trust him about as much as I trust Bob Corker or any of the others listed above.

Any plumber knows that the first step in fixing a leak or to turn off the flow of water at its source. The first step in doing anything about this is to secure the border in ways where 'the sole discretion of the Secretary of the Department of Homeland Security' (to quote frequent language used in the bill) doesn't appear.

To get that, we're going to have to literally bombard Congress with tweets, e-mails and phone calls and scare the Republican members to death that come 2014 they're history if they vote for amnestia.

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