Thursday, June 27, 2013

More Unreported Anti-Israel Media Bias-Palestinian Terrorists Use Journalists as Human Shields

Here's an interesting video that shows how hypocritical and morally delinquent a lot of the media coverage concerning Israelis.

Here we see terrorists actually throwing firebombs at IDF soldiers while hiding behind journalists and using their bodies as human shields. The brave Palestinian fighters are clearly hiding behind the journalists.

If the Israelis had done anything like this, there would be scramming headlines worldwide. Since it's the Arabs, not a single peep.

Part of the reason can be deduced from listening to the soundtrack.You can hear the 'journalists' egging on the terrorists with cries of 'one more, one more in English, exhorting them to throw yet another firebomb.Because these scum want a still shot or an exciting video for their media bosses' evening news shows or late editions, they are encouraging the Palestinians to throw potentially lethal firebombs at the Israelis until they get what they want. They do not care that they are aiding and abetting th e4killing of Israelis. They are no longer 'journalists' but provocateurs taking sides, secure in the knowledge that they're dealing with a civilized people who won't treat them like the enemy they are.

This is anti-semitism pure and simple.

Needless to say, if the IDF had done the natural thing and fired on this position, they'd be vilified as 'murderers' who 'don't respect journalists' by these same people.

( h/t, Camera)

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