Sunday, June 16, 2013

Epic Fail! GM Recalls 500,00 Cruze Cars Over Engine Fire Risk

Apparently it's not only GM's hybrid electric Volt that has a tendency to catch on fire. Not to mention GM's other hybrids. The new GM Cruze is also one hot car, with over a half a million of them recalled after over 30 engine fires broke out. And that's not all:

The recall covers 475,000 vehicles made in the U.S. from September of 2010 through May of 2012. It's the car's fifth recall since it arrived in showrooms nearly two years ago, raising questions about the sedan's reliability.[...]

In addition, 61,000 of the recalled Cruzes are covered under another recall. GM says 249 of them have welds missing from a bracket that holds the tanks. Federal safety officials say the tanks could come lose in a crash, possibly leaking and causing fires. Dealers will secure brackets with fasteners. The fuel tank recall was the outgrowth of GM's internal safety testing, Adler said.

That last sentence means that GM shoved this into the marketplace before the car was adequately tested.Just like the Volt.

The Cruze, introduced in September of 2010, has been recalled far more frequently than other new models launched around the same time.

The high number of recalls is out of the ordinary for a new model and a sign of quality problems, said Clarence Ditlow, executive director of the Center for Auto Safety, a consumer group.

"You definitely don't want to see that many recalls on a new model," he said.

President Obama saw to it that the American taxpayers spent over $80 billion to bail out GM and gift it to his UAW allies. It's money that will not only never be recouped, but apparently won't even result in a decent product anyone in his right mind would want to buy.

And the jobs it was supposed to save? Those are mostly going to China, while the sweetheart tax break President Obama gave GM ensures they will be tax free for years at our expense.

During the campaign, President Obama  told the American people that he wanted to ' repeat my success with GM in other manufacturing industries.'

Yes, Government Motors is a real success story alright.

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nothing GOV'T MOTORS touches will be blessed !