Thursday, June 20, 2013

President Obama Insults Christian Parachial Schools

This is one of those stories that is huge overseas but is not being reported here at all.

Our president, true to form has gone road trip, ducking  out of Washington when there's real work to be done. He's left  things like the Amnesty bill to capable minions like Harry Reid and Chuck Schumer. After hitting the European continent with Michelle and the entourage at the taxpayer's expense, he stopped in at the G8 summit in Belfast, Northern Ireland.

And made a speech at Belfast's Waterfront Hall, where he called Christian parochial schools 'segregated schools' and said:

“If towns remain divided—if Catholics have their schools and buildings and Protestants have theirs, if we can’t see ourselves in one another and fear or resentment are allowed to harden—that too encourages division and discourages cooperation.”

Needless to say, Catholics and Protestants through out the UK are outraged.

First, the Buffoon-in-chief is obviously ignorant of the major role parochial schools and yes, religious figures played in bringing a degree of peace to Northern Ireland.

And second, riddle me this: most Muslim madrassahs openly teach Islamist superiority, hatred of unbelievers,the suppression of women and death for apostates and homosexuals (it's in the Qur'an). Islamic anti-semitism is so common in mosque sermons both in America and in every Muslim country the president has ever visited as to be a non-story.

Has our president even once referred to mosques or madrassahs as institutions that 'encourage division and discourage cooperation'? Not to mention the sort of rhetoric regularly issuing out of Reverend Wrights' church in Chicago that he was a member of for two decades?

It's bad enough he's attempting to violate the First Amendment rights of religious institutions here in America.Now he has to thoughtlessly insult them overseas.And selectively. He'd never say anything remotely critical of Muslim institutions at home or abroad.

In terms of academic achievement and producing moral and well educated citizens, America's Jewish and Christian parochial schools eclipse the much better funded public schools in America to an alarming degree, at far less cost per pupil.

It would be refreshing if just maybe, President Obama spent some serious time thinking about why parochial schools do such a stellar job instead of gratuitously insulting them.

But I wouldn't hold my breath.

My apologies to Catholics and Protestants in the UK. We unfortunately have a clueless president who doesn't know how to behave when he's in someone else's neighborhood.


Geoffrey Britain said...

Obama wants to end private schools and home schooling. Countering the parental influence of those on the right, as early as possible is a goal of the left.

Obama essentially called for government funding of kindergarten in his State of the Union speech. Holder recently stated that parents don't have 'a right' to educate their children. MSNBC is touting the same theme.

Rob said...

Actually, Obama likes private schools - if they're so expensive only the elites can attend and if they specialize in lefty indoctrination.

You may recall that one of the first things Obama did as president was to end funding for a DC charter school program that had poor black children as its major beneficiaries...while sending his own kids to the exclusive an dprivate Sidwell Friends School.

Anonymous said...

To the commentator Geoffrey--you are 100% right! This pres has a specific goal--to do away with homeschooling and private schools.