Wednesday, June 05, 2013

Obama Openly Shows Destroying The US-Israel Alliance Is At the Top Of His Agenda

Now that President Obama has been re-elected and has 'more flexibility' as he famously told Russian President Dmitri Medvedev, he no longer faces re-election and can happily pursue the more pernicious parts of his agenda. As anyone who's observed the last four years knows, President Obama has a major problem with America's alliance with Israel and wants to create lots of 'daylight' between the two countries.

His latest two cabinet appointments complete a series of moves that show exactly where the most anti-Israel president in history is headed.

Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel's views ought to be self evident, and new Secretary of State John Kerry appears to be wholly compatible with the anti-Israel slant of President Obama's second term appointments.

The White House has announced that the president is promoting UN Ambassador Susan Rice to the position of National Security adviser. Rice was nominated by the president for Secretary of State in spite of having few qualifications to the office aside from being an Obama loyalist, but was rejected by the US Senate because of her outright lies to Congress and the American people on Benghazi.

The position of NSA does not require Senate conformation. It also makes it more difficult to subpoena and question her about items like Benghazi.

Anyone with any doubts about Rice's feelings on Israel should examine her tirade at the UN when forced by political considerations to veto an incredibly biased resolution against the Jewish State.

Replacing Rice at the UN is none other than Obama's foreign policy adviser Samantha Power.

Samantha Power is noted for having the president's ear and for her own unique solution for the Israeli-Arab conflict - an invasion by US troops to force the ethnic cleansing of Jews from Judea, Samaria and East Jerusalem back to the indefensible pre '67 lines followed by an occupation to 'protect' Palestine along with massive US financial investment in Mahmoud Abbas' apartheid, terrorism supporting reichlet.

Picture it - US troops rousting Jews out of their homes at gunpoint to create yet another judenrein area in the Middle East 'for peace'.

I'm sure part of the plan includes setting up some camps in Judea and know, just to concentrate those Jews so they can be dealt with properly.

Just to connect the dots, SecDef Chuck Hagel is also in favor of this kind of final solution...and Secretary of State John Kerry is already talking up a $4 billion jizya for 'Palestine, as well as going public that he personally could care less about Israel's history of massive Arab terrorism directed at its civilians every time they given up land 'for peace'.

The idea here is to make Israel unsustainable and eventually put 'Palestine' in its place.

Should the Israelis allow themselves to be forced into this, Israel would be faced with the grim task of resettling half a million refugees. It would be surrounded by Islamist regimes as well as the reichlet of 'Palestine' . They could launch rocket attacks and even land based assaults on Israel's civilians while US troops on Israel's borders would be there to prevent the Israelis from retaliating. Not only that, but the U.S. peacekeeping force itself would be sitting ducks for Arab terrorist attacks.

The security fence that has largely made an end to suicide bombings would no longer be a factor since it would be largely in the territory and control of 'Palestine'. Under these conditions, there would likely be massive emigration from Israel provided other countries even agreed to allow them in.

Of course, an even more likely scenario is that Israel would simply not acquiesce to the final solution President Obama and his friends envision for it. The country has a well trained and well armed military as well as being an undeclared nuclear power.While President Obama might order US troops into action against Israel, a far more likely scenario would be a severing of ties between the U.S. and Israel and enthusiastic American backing for a whole range of harsh UN sanctions and resolutions along with massive military aid to Israel's enemies in the region.

In that case, Israel would probably improve its already cordial relations with China and America would have lost one of its most valuable allies while supporting regimes that embrace neither our values or our best interests.

Dismantling the US-Israel alliance has been President Obama's goal from the start, no matter what he said to credulous U.S. Jews in order to get elected.

Now that he no longer has to pretend anymore, he's clearly signalling that he plans to proceed with this agenda by appointing a number of willing helpers to his national security team.


Anonymous said...

This scenario i blame on the so-called professionals Jews like AIPAC. They turned a blind eye to Obama's real Jew-hatred to appease their democratic moneybags. Now when Jews start to die its going to be on their heads. To hell with them all and I hope hashem deal justly with them.

Anonymous said...

The Lord promised that Israel will be preserved, But that those that turn against Israel and her people will be judged.

If Obama gets his way, America Will be judged and may end up destroyed, just as the Nazis, The Romans, the Egyptians and every other nation that has persecuted the Jews has been