Thursday, June 27, 2013

US Military Chief General Dempsey's Latest Brilliant Idea - 'Let's Arm And Train Hezbollah!"

 US Joint Chiefs of Staff Gen. Martin Dempsey

General Martin Dempsey is President Obama's Head of the Joint Chiefs of Staff. And in spite of a decent record as a  combat commander  in Iraq, it's pretty obvious that he fits in perfectly with this president and his policy goals.

Aside from being the point man in calling the Ft. Hood jihadi killings a 'workplace accident',  imposing ridiculous rules of engagement on our troops under fire and preventing them from being taught about the nature of Islamist fascism, he's come up with another brainstorm, undoubtedly via SecDef Chuck Hagel - wouldn't it be just splendid to arm and train the Lebanese military?

The top US military officer said on Wednesday he has recommended bolstering Lebanese forces grappling with the fallout from Syria's civil war by sending in military trainers and accelerating arms sales.

He was responding to a question at the news conference about whether Lebanon had asked for military help and whether the US military might go into that country.

"When you say would we send the United States Army or the United States military into Lebanon, I'm talking about teams of trainers, and I'm talking about accelerating foreign military sales for equipment for them," Dempsey said in response.

There's absolutely no sense in our providing shiny new equipment and training on how to use it to any Arab army...but it's particularly clueless when it comes to Lebanon.

You see, there's a peculiarity about Lebanon's Army. It's totally integrated with Hezbollah. And it has been for years.

Even Lebanon's current president, General Michel Suleiman is a  Hezbollah ally who as the  former Lebanese C in C refused to allow the Lebanese Army to fight against Hezbollah even when Hezbollah was killing Lebanese civilians during a series of attacks against the March 14 Lebanese government in May of 2008.

He has famously said on a number of occasions that 'Hezbollah is Lebanon'. That's why the Israelis made a formal announcement  that if they were attacked from Lebanon again, unlike the last time they would consider it an attack on Israel by Lebanon, not just Hezbollah.

This is whom General Dempsey (and former Sec Sate Hillary Clinton before him)  want to arm and 'bolster'. To assume that US military aid earmarked for the Lebanese forces won't somehow end up being used by Hezbollah is the sort of fantasy beyond even what you'd expect from today's White House.

Among other things, it presents the ludicrous picture of our arming the Muslim Brotherhood and  al-Qaeda allied  Syrian rebels with one hand and Hezbollah with the other. And of course, having any personnel we have there targeted by both sides. Remember what happened in Beirut at the hands of Hezbollah the last time we sent troops there?

Of course, it also provides Israel's enemies with armaments and support as well, which might be the whole point anyway.

Beyond ludicrous.


Anonymous said...

this guy is NO strategist, nor is he a fighting soldier.. but an english major in university !

Geoffrey Britain said...

Dempsey is, IMO a total incompetent. A politician first, last and always. His sins however, extend far beyond mere incompetence and political maneuvering.

He's doing real harm to the nation in providing support through his assumed military expertise for Obama's initiatives. He's also colluded with Obama in the Benghazi scandal and in not resigning over the scandal, he's culpable in the cover-up of American deaths.

He's greatly assisting Obama in the degradation of our military forces and in any future conflict that may arise is providing what in effect amounts to aid and comfort to our enemies.

Rob said...

He's following the orders he's being given, and saying what he's being told to say.

We have equipped and trained three Muslim armies thus far - in Ir5aq, Afghanistan and 'Palestine'.

This will of necessity come back to haunt us.