Tuesday, June 04, 2013

The Hypocrisy Of Obama And The EU's Concern For Human Rights


Both President Obama and the EU makes a huge amount of noise about human rights in the Middle East, especially when it happens to concern the most far fetched complaints against Israel, the only state in the region that actually operates under the western ideal of equal rule of law for all its citizens.

The primary human rights organization in the Arab Occupied areas of Judea and Samaria is the Palestinian Independent Commission For Human Rights(ICHR).

The ICHR recently published its own report citing the egregious human rights violations in both Gaza and the Palestinian Authority, Mahmoud Abbas' little reichlet.

During 2012, 11 of the Arabs whom identify themselves as Palestinians died in custody while rotting in jail in PA and Hamas custody. There were 306 complaints about torture. more than half of which came from Palestinians who had been detained or imprisoned by Abbas's PA security forces in Judea and Samaria.

Journalists who are even remotely critical of Abbas' regime have been especially targeted, and there continue to be cases of torture and even extra judicial executions for the crime of 'collaborating with Israel'. Selling land to a Jew (and the statute says 'Jew' not 'Israeli')  is a capital crime in the Palestinian Authority.

Of great interest is the reaction to this of the Obama Administration and the European Union, who fund the Palestinian Authority as well as providing substantial funds for Hamas in the guise of 'humanitarian aid'.

The Obama Administration has had no reaction at all to the report and completely ignored it.The EU missions in the region? They issued a statement 'expressing concern' but were happy with a vague pro forma statement by unelected PA President Mahmoud Abbas condemning torture in general as a “relevant and unambiguous response” and merely said “The EU will continue to promote support for human rights by all in the West Bank and Gaza Strip, in particular through its regular dialogue with the Israeli authorities and the Palestinian Authority as well as support to Palestinian institutions and civil society.”

Mustn't leave a mention of those Israelis out, even though the report by the ICHR only talks about abuses by the PA and Hamas. Meanwhile, the EU response avoided referring to any of the cases documented in the ICHR report or saying anything about the report's accusations that Abbas's security forces are continuing to crack down on journalists and academics and ignore court rulings.

Instead, the EU merely gave Abbas a slap on the back and an 'attaboy' even though the torture of Arabs in PA and Hamas custody is continuing, and basic freedoms continue to be ignored.

The EU and the Obama Administration have been known to go into hysterics over Jews merely building houses in already establish communities in Jerusalem,Judea and Samaria,and one can only imagine what their response would be to documented cases of Israel ignoring Israeli court rulings, let alone torture of Arabs by the IDF. Yet their response to the PA and Hamas is essentially to ignore serious cases of human rights violations altogether while winking and saying 'boys will be boys'.

And of course, to keep the millions of dollars and euros in jizyah coming in to fund the PA and Hamas.

The EU's stance is easy to understand. Supporting 'Palestine' financially and politically and bashing Israel is a way of trying to calm those restless Arab populations they imported into their countries, although the Brits, the French and the Swedes might be starting to get a clue that buying peace for themselves isn't as easy as all that. Bullies who are successful always want more concessions. And more after that.

In President Obama's case, his stance has been consistent. He sees Israel as a 'problem' rather than an ally, was infected early on with the Leftist view of 'Palestine' and thinks that if America cozies up to Islamists and creates 'daylight' (his words, not mine) between Israel and the U.S., any problems America has with Islam and the Muslim world will magically disappear.And his administration is filled with like minded people.

What we have here is an interesting spectacle. The EU and President Obama are both known for their pious rhetoric on human rights. democracy and freedom. Yet they're willing look the other way  to fund,  aid and abet the creation of a state that is quite open about its intention to practice apartheid,  persecutes Christians and has sharia as the basis for its laws, supports terrorism, commits  serial human rights abuses,  and will be ruled by an unelected Arab dictator whose term expired four years ago.

Of course, in the case of both President Obama and the EU, there's another likely factor.

One of the classic definitions of racism and anti-semitism is when you create special rules and restrictions that apply to one select group of people and no one else.

You take it from there.

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