Sunday, June 16, 2013

Even Israel's Far Left Can't Get Behind Kerry And The EU's Approach To 'Peace'

Evelyn Gordan has a piece in Commentary that showcases the dilemma of the Israeli appeasement Left. They'd really like to support John Kerry and the EU's Catherine Ashton's proposed evisceration of Israel...but it goes too far even for them to embrace:

Two regular Haaretz contributors and long-time peace advocates wrote columns this month decrying the current approach. First, former Haaretz editor-in-chief David Landau blasted Kerry for treating veteran Jewish neighborhoods of East Jerusalem as “settlements.” Next, psychology professor Carlo Strenger explained why the Syrian crisis makes a full West Bank withdrawal impossible.

Much of Landau’s piece restated what has long been obvious: the “indiscriminate lumping together of Jerusalem suburbs with far-flung” settlements has encouraged mainstream Israelis to do the same–and therefore oppose a construction freeze in either–and made it impossible for Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas to negotiate without a total freeze, because he can’t demand less than Washington does. But Landau also added a new twist: “Kerry’s ham-fisted lumping together of Ramot and Gilo with West Bank settlements” has even forced Israeli leftists to side with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu against Washington (and, he might have added, the EU as well). It is “veritably forcing myriad moderate Israelis, who long for peace and the two-state solution, to bridle, with the Netanyahu camp, at the entire admonishment.”

Strenger’s piece, however, tackled a broader problem: the ongoing implosion of Syria. Peace activists have long advocated a deal with Syria, he noted, but “most Israelis now shudder when they think what would have happened if Israel had returned the Golan Heights. Al-Qaeda and other extreme Islamist groups would be at the shore of the Kinneret, creating an unbearable security risk.”

This lesson matters for the West Bank, he wrote, because despite his conviction (incidentally not shared by most Israelis) that Abbas truly wants peace, “Israelis ask a simple question: do you have the ability to prevent a takeover of Palestine by extremists?” And the obvious answer is no: Hamas remains committed to Israel’s destruction, and Abbas can’t guarantee it won’t take power following an Israeli pullout.

Landau, you'll remember, is such a treasonous, self hating cretin that he famously told then Secretary of State Condaleeza Rice that Israel is a failed state that needed to be raped for 'peace'. Now that he's actually faced with people like President Obama, John Kerry and Samantha Power who are willing to do the deed, he's having second thoughts as he realizes that it isn't just the 'settlers' he hates so much who are going to be affected.

As for Abbas, there's absolutely no reason to trust any guarantees he makes, or any security guarantees made by the U.S. or EU for that matter. Just as in Gaza, they'd become worthless as soon as the Arabs got what they wanted in territory and concessions.

Any land given up in Judea and Samaria will simply become Hamastan as Abbas, the Fatah Old Guard and their families take advantage of their Jordanian passports and retire to the EU or the Emirates with the billions in aid money they stole.

I'm personally convinced that president Obama's wholesale embrace of Islamists and the Muslim Brotherhood is ultimately aimed at Israel. Egypt and Gaza are already ruled by them and the recipients of US aid, and Syria is next on the agenda as we provide arms and money to the Muslim Brotherhood and al-Qaeda allied rebels, who have also made no secret of their violent intentions towards Israel and Jews.

Jordan, where the Brotherhood is also quite strong could very well be next, which would mean that Israel is once again surrounded by genocidal and united enemies as the anti-Western Caliphate Hassan al-Banna dreamed of over 80 years ago becomes reality...thanks to the Obama Administration.


independent patriot said...

And thanks to the Jews in America who helped get Obama elected.

Bourbon said...

But Israel has nukes. Hopefully they have the stones to use them when the time comes.