Tuesday, June 04, 2013

Another ObamaLie Falls Apart - Ft. Hood Jihadi Claims He Acted in “Defense of Islamic Leadership”


FILE - This undated file photo provided by the Bell County Sheriff's Department shows Nidal Hasan, the Army psychiatrist charged in the deadly 2009 Fort Hood shooting rampage that left 13 dead. Hasan will represent himself at his upcoming murder trial, meaning he will question the more than two dozen soldiers he's accused of wounding, a military judge ruled Monday, June 3, 2013.

The Obama Administration has always claimed that the 2009 murders committed at Fort Hood by jihadi Major Nidal Hasan were 'workplace violence' rather than a terrorist attack, thus denying the victims and their families the benefits they were entitled to.

Major Hassan,who unlike the fellow soldiers he murdered is still being paid by the US Army has fired his lawyers and is now petitioning the court to conduct his own defense.

Today, Major Hasan asked for a three month delay to prepare his defense, and told Judge Colonel Tara Osborn that his defense would be that he acted "to protect Islamic leadership."

At a hearing Tuesday, Osborn asked what evidence he had to support his defense. He said Taliban leader Mullah Omar and "leadership of the Taliban in general" were in immediate danger from American troops on the Texas Army post, because "the U.S. has attacked and continued to attack the Taliban."

Osborn quickly interrupted Hasan, a day after telling him that he could not make speeches or try to testify when questioning witnesses.

Military law experts not involved in the case said they believe the judge won't allow Hasan to present that defense.

"A 'defense of others' strategy is not going to work when you're at war and the 'others' are enemies of the U.S.," said Jeff Addicott, director of the Center for Terrorism Law at St. Mary's University in San Antonio. "And what makes it more egregious is that he targeted medical personnel whose primary purpose was to heal, not to kill."

In other words, Hasan just admitted he committed an act of terrorism in support of the Taliban and al-Qaeda-Qaeda.

And yet another ObamaLie falls apart.

Is anyone still even keeping count?

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