Sunday, June 09, 2013

An Amazing Interview With Edward Snowden, The NSA Whistle Blower

What we're seeing here is the scooping up of an incredible amount of personal data that was thought to be private from ordinary Americans and its storage for later use.

And not just for security purposes..but to identify political enemies.

Given how the Obama regime has used the IRA, HHS, and other agencies as weapons against what it perceives as its political adversaries, does anyone doubt that this data could be used the same way?

Picture this - you're a Republican candidate for senator whose running ahead in the polls, but the regime has access to all your personal data - your private e-mails, your internet activity, your communications with your doctor,your lawyer, your accountant, your family, everyone.

All of it can be scanned and examined to provide dirt for your opponent to use.

Or let's say you had a divorce a few years ago where the records were sealed because certain allegations were made, certain things were said between you and your ex that neither of you wanted your child to be affected by and both of you agreed it was better to just move on. All of those records could be unsealed and used against you, even things you might have said or written in anger that you latter apologized for or repudiated.

Far fetched? Unlikely?

In fact, that's exactly what Barack Obama did to Jack Ryan to win his senate seat, with the aid of some judge shopping and the Chicago Tribune. And that was without the assistance of the NSA and the power of the presidency behind him.

This is tyranny unfolding, and this is a very big deal.

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Anonymous said...

I don't think this is exclusively a Republican/Democrat issue. Plenty of Republicans are no better than Democrats re: Statism & hide behind National Security as justification. Admittedly, the issue is more serious when presented with the hard Leftists of the Democratic Party.
I don't know if a significant segment of the population even recognizes or is aware of the consequences, this is, after all, the Age of the Uninformed Voter.