Tuesday, June 04, 2013

'Republican' Chris Christie Acts Promptly To Ensure The GOP Doesn't Get A Senate Seat


To anyone who still thinks NJ Governor Chris Christie is going to be the GOP's savior in 2016, (I'm looking in your direction, Jennifer Rubin) this might just came as a bit of a wakeup call.

Longtime Democrat Senator from New Jersey Frank Lautenberg dropped dead yesterday at the age of 89.

Normally, what happens in a case like this is that the sitting governor nominates someone to serve out the rest of the senator's term, and they're always members of that governor's party.

In the case of New Jersey's Governor Christie, that isn't going to happen.

There are some perfectly acceptable Republicans like former Gov. Tom Kean Sr., state Sen. Tom Kean Jr., state Sen. Joe Kyrillos, and Lt. Gov. Kim Guadagno. None of them are exactly conservative ideologues or out of step with the people of New Jersey. But they're, you know, Republicans.

Lautenberg's term runs until November 2014, but instead of simply appointing a member of his own party to serve out the term, Governor Christie has announced that he will spend
$24 million dollars of taxpayer funds to hold a special election in October of 2013:

What's even more comical about this is that Christie, who claims to be a fiscal conservative signed legislation into law in January of 2012to consolidate state elections to - wait for it - save the state money!

What's actually happening here is pretty obvious. Governor Christie likely got a phone call from his man crush object President Obama asking him to move the election up as much as possible to get a reliable Democrat into the seat and to make sure that anyone he chooses as a place holder for the next 4 months (if Christie even does) is someone who will go along with the agenda until goes down.

I'll say it one more time - look for Christie to switch parties in the near future and go after the Democrat nomination in 2016. It definitely won't hurt him in Blue New Jersey, he can bill himself as 'a new type of fiscally conservative Democrat' and it will be a final humiliation of Hillary Clinton at Obama's hands.

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