Friday, June 28, 2013

RNC Head Urges House To Vote For Amnesty

GOP chief: 'We need comprehensive immigration reform'

Yes, the head of the Republican National Committee is lobbying for a bill that will put millions of Democrat voters on the rolls. No joke:

"We need comprehensive immigration reform," RNC Chairman Reince Priebus told CNN in an interview in his Capitol Hill office. "I don't think we can continue to drift along with this mess of immigration laws that we have. And a mess that in many regards has been the results of our government not even enforcing the laws that are in place. There is plenty of blame to go around for why we are in this position, but I think it's about time that we address it." [...]

Priebus said that House Speaker John Boehner is unlikely to take up the Senate bill and instead craft a package that could be approved by the House before being taken back to Senate negotiators.

"My understanding is that the House is going to draft its own version of an immigration bill that they see as either a better fix for comprehensive immigration reform, or something that is reflective of the Republican majority of the House, and then potentially go to conference, and potentially have a conclusion," he said.

"I know the leadership in the House is committed to putting something pretty comprehensive together that's going to address the issue," he said.

Oh, and then there's this:

"One thing I think is pretty clear," Priebus told CNN. "We wouldn't have been in this place without Republicans being at the table pushing for immigration reform. And I think this conversation would never be happening without Marco Rubio."

Yes, Marco Rubio...who made border security a main issue of his campaign and referred to the path to citizenship as just a cover word for amnesty.Who openly lied.

If Charlie Crist had won in 2010, would things be any different?

As for Reince Priebus, he's supposed to be the GOP's top mechanic, the one who's job it is to find and field acceptable candidates, fund them and help them strategize how to win.

Assuming he actually does know the craft of politics, riddle me this - why would you urge your own party get behind legislation that is going to legalize millions of Democrat voters, while alienating your own party's base?

I've already run those numbers myself last November, showing that the Hispanic tidal wave is a myth..a mere 3.5% of the electorate in 2012 and already mostly inhabiting Blue States like California, New York and New Jersey.Two thirds of the Hispanic electorate is either Republican or up for grabs. And as Byron York recently pointed out, Romney would have had to win a ridiculously high 70% of the Hispanic vote to win, but with only 4% more of the white vote, from 59% to 64%, he'd have won handily.

Almost 5 million white voters sat it out in 2012 because Mitt Romney didn't resonate with them and over 3 million of them were self-declared registered Republicans.

Priebus can't be so stupid as to be unable to add, so the obvious conclusion is that he's simply following the orders of the people that pay his salary. They'd prefer to alienate the GOP's base (whom they've always hated anyway) and run an approved member of the Ruling Class like Jeb Bush in 2016.

They're going to see where that gets them.


Anonymous said...

I think the Republican Party is a waste of time. It's like the Likud here in Israel, similar phenomenon.

Anonymous said...

OMG Jeb Bush against Hillary Clinton...we'll have no country left at all.

B.Poster said...

I'm pleased Mr. Priebus recognizes that our immigration system is a "mess." I've known about this problem for many years. While it's pleasing he finally recognizes there is a problem, the proposed solutions are all wrong.

First of all the problem cannot be solved all at once with any thing called "comprehensive immigration reform." The problem is a bit like the analogy of the problem of eating an elephant. It's done "one bite at a time."

The first thing that needs to be done is a 10 year moratorium needs to place on all immigration from every where in the world. As for immigration from Middle Eastern and Islamic nations, immigration from these countries should be indefinite. It makes little sense to invite people into your house who don't like you and wish to harm you and your family. Why should America be any different?

Since America does currently have a severe shortage of trained personnel for a number of high tech and skilled labor positions, some type of foreign work visas could be used to address this problem. A number of countries have programs like this that seem to work for them. We could try and implement something like that for us.

The 10 year moratorium on all immigration would give us the breathing space to fix the "mess" that Mr. Priebus and his bosses finally admit we have. Once the moratorium is in place, the next step will be build the necessary border security fence.

It seems the best places to start would be along the high traffic areas. In desert areas where even a camel would have a difficult time traversing there may not be much utility for a fence. Also, the drones currently being used to great effect in the GWOT would probably be useful in helping secure our borders.

Mexico is building a fence along its southern border. As a sovereign nation, the US has the same right to protect its borders. The hypocrisy of the Mexican government is breathtaking in this area. As long as Mexico fails to respect our sovereignty, it should come as no surprise to them when theirs fails to be respected.

Building the border fence and securing our borders would go along way toward fixing our strained relationship with Mexico. Most people have fences around their yards because we all understand good fences make good neighbors!! The same principle applies here.

As for those people already here illegally, this is why we need the 10 year moratorium on immigration. This gives us the needed breathing space to deal with the problem. To use an analogy, when a person has a severe cut, the firs thing to do is STOP THE BLEEDING. Once the bleeding is stopped, then medical personnel can identify the nature of the injury and can treat it.

Most of those here illegally, will likely need to be sent back to their country of origin. In certain circumstances, such as Christian seeking asylum from Islamic countries where they'd be killed if they returned home, people in circumstances like this should be allowed to remain. There are other examples such as for those who have served America militarily or in other important capacities who should be allowed to remain.

People who allow others into their home uninvited and allow others use of their property without respecting it are not respected and only invite more disrespect and ridicule. America is no different. If the vast majority of illegal immigrants are not sent back to their countries of origin, America will not be respected and will only invite more disrespect meaning we will not be able to get the assistance we may need from others at crucial times and places.

B.Poster said...

I don't think this is a matter of being stupid on the part of the Republicans or Mr. Priebus. I think its a combination of ideology and financial considerations. It seems to be mostly based in ideology.

Could the Republicans really be dumb enough to nominate Jeb Bush. When his brother George left office, he left office as the most universally despised figure in the history of American leadership.

In fact, the only thing that saved W from impeachment by both houses of Congress was the fact that the Democrats concluded, correctly, that they would get more political benefit by allowing him to remain in office. Whether or not he did nay thing worthy of impeachment is another story. He was/is so despised by the American people any type of case could have been made, presented to the American people, and they'd have demanded their Reps and Senators do the rest.

All the opposition would have to do is point out that Jeb and George are brothers and Jeb's candidacy would be over. Even the Republicans are not this dumb. If they really are extinction is what they deserve and will get.

A bit off topic, when the NSA revelations were first revealed, I had stated that Mr. Obama's impeachment was inevitable. I had initially assumed that he was only revealing the spying done by NSA on the American people and the records collected against them. Furthermore I had expected Mr. Snowden to come back to the US and testify about the whole thing before Congress and the American people.

If this is really what it was all about, he has nothing fear in coming to the US. After all he would come home to a heroes welcome and the government would be unable to touch him.

As more information has come forth, it seems he may not be the hero the media has made him out to be and is making him out to be.
He may have revealed top secret information to the Russians and the Chinese as well as revealed our techniques for gathering information on them and other adversaries. If so, he is a traitor and could expect to be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law if he comes back to the US.

If this turns out to be the case, Mr. Obama may have sacrificed our national security interests on an illegal domestic survelliance program that had little marginal utility for our national security interests.

Gathering information on adversaries such as Russia and china are a completely separate matter from the domestic programs. If Mr. Snowden's has revealed the details of these programs to the Russians and Chinese we are in a deep mess!!

Sacrificing our national security for domestic programs that seem to have not had much utility is likely an impeachable offense in and of itself but without Mr. Snowden's testimony impeachment is unlikely to happen.

Of course if Mr. Obama and his team can establish how these domestic programs prevented attacks on the American and cite examples, this could change the case but they've had plenty of time to come forward with this information and have not done so.

It seems I may have acted to quickly in predicting Mr. Obama's impeachment. When analyzing such things, patience and trying to obtain all relevant facts is a virtue that should take place before making such predictions!!

Geoffrey Britain said...

"riddle me this - why would you urge your own party get behind legislation that is going to legalize millions of Democrat voters, while alienating you own party's base?

Priebus can't be so stupid as to be unable to add, so the obvious conclusion is that he's simply following the orders of the people that pay his salary."

Take that one step further Rob, by following the money. Yes, Priebus is following the orders of the people who pay his salary. But who's paying the 'salaries' of the people paying Priebus? Follow the money to 'the end of the rainbow' and you arrive at the Republican Party's BIG donors.

Clearly, those big donors don't care about winning elections, as now proven by their supporting amnesty for 33 million future "undocumented democrats", so another motive must be responsible.

People with money generally value money. It's the source of their influence, yes?

The Republican Party's big donors care about the financial status quo and anything that can enhance the regulated capitalism that is the source of their influence. Sen. Leahy unskillfully acknowledged that corporate special interests are quietly supporting the 'Comprehensive Amnesty Bill'

That support isn't going to change because Republican big donors aren't going to change what they value. So neither will the Republican Establishment change.