Monday, June 24, 2013

Must See - Ted Cruz Tries To Shame His Colleagues On Amnesty

Truth to power...I especially like the way he handled Chuck Schumer.


Anonymous said...

Very good points - actually just common sense, which doesn't seem to be in great supply with our congress or senate. They treat us as very ignorant children. Ted Cruz, don't lose your common sense and directness.

Geoffrey Britain said...

Even accounting for Congressional stupidity, every single vote for this obscenity of a bill is being made by a congressman who knows exactly what they are voting for, already knows ALL the common sense arguments Cruz made and, that they are voting for unconditional amnesty.

Every single one is doing so for political and personal self-interest and by their own actions, they ALL are proving their unfitness for public office.

That a Congressman of Hispanic ancestry is standing against it is breathtaking irony and entirely appropriate.