Monday, August 05, 2013

Al-Qaeda Attacks? But Obama Said They Were On The Run!!


"Osama bin-Laden is dead and al-Qaeda is on the run." - Barack Obama's stump speech, 2012.

Last Friday, a story surfaced about a great deal of al-Qaeda chatter about a specific threat  of a  'coming attack.'

Note that word, 'specific'. In this context, it means you have real knowledge of what, where, and who.

In response, the Obama Administration closed 21  US embassies throughout the Muslim world. Originally, this was supposed to be for one day, but it's been extended for a full week.

According to my sources, there was some evidence of  an actual order from the head of al-Qaeda, Ayman Zawahiri to none other than Nasir al Wuhayshi, head of AQAP ( al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula) to carry out an attack...with no other specifics released.

For the past two years the American people been told that al-Qaeda had been defeated. Those of you whom read this site and are members of Joshua's Army know different, of course and that if anything, this president and his clueless national security team have strengthened al-Qaeda and its various affiliates, but al-Qaeda's demise has been the proud boast of this president for some time. So if this is true. why risk embarrassment for the administration and the president by making something like this public now, and possibly burning a valuable intel source?

All you need to do is look at what else is happening right now.

As more and more revelations come out about the extent of the NSA's warrant-less spying, surveillance and data mining , the more questions are being asked and the more resistance to this is stiffening.And the Benghazi scandal has resurfaced, with a scoop by none other than CNN committing actual journalism by reporting that there were dozens of CIA operatives on the ground the night, and that they have not only been made to sign hardline non-disclosure agreements but have been prevented from testifying in front of Congress and that some have even been given new identities and hiden around the country to keep the American people from finding out what some of us knew all along - that this was an attempted  gunrunning operation that went wrong, collecting  Libyan arms from the local al-Qaeda affiliates that were  pilfered out of Khaddaffi's armories thanks to our president's clueless intervention there to ship to the Syrian rebels.

And its now been leaked that CNN is distancing itself from its own scoop after being threatened with loss of access to the White House.

Does this suggest anything to you? Like the Obama regime's time honored tactic of  'look, a squirrel' to take the spotlight off something even more potentially embarrassing and politically hazardous?

Either way, this is absolutely disgraceful. If there actually was intel about a specific attack, the White House had absolutely no business making it public and possibly burning an intel source.That's basic strategy. There was no need whatsoever to do so just to distract the American public from the swamp of political scandals this president and his administration are mired in.

If there wasn't one and this is a fabrication or merely some  chatter with no specifics, it's even worse. When nothing happens, it promotes a false sense of security that could lead to a lot more American  blood being spilled when a real warning is issued, either publicly or clandestinely to our embassies and assets.

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