Monday, August 19, 2013

More Jizya For The Palestinians - Your Tax Dollars At Work


Sequester or no sequester, congressional holds or no congressional holds, the Palestinians continue to get their jizya from President Obama.

Ma'an is reporting that the latest jizyah is $148 million:

US consul general in Jerusalem Michael Ratney signed an agreement Sunday with Palestinian caretaker prime minister Rami Hamdallah upon which the US will pay the Palestinian Authority $148 million.

PA finance minister Shukri Bishara witnessed the ceremony along with the director of the United States Agency for International Development, David Harden.

Hamdallah applauded the US government for supporting the Palestinian people financially and noted that the latest grant would help Palestinian institutions continue to provide services to citizens.

Ratney, for his part, asserted that his country would continue to support the Palestinian people and the PA's efforts to develop state institutions.

In August, US President Barack Obama decided to waive restrictions set by Congress to allow sending money to the PA in order to bolster the Palestinian leadership after it resumed talks with Israel.

By the way, did you know that our State Department practices apartheid with its consulates when it comes to Israel? The one in Jerusalem was deliberately built in a predominantly Arab neighborhood in East Jerusalem, is almost entirely staffed by Arabs except for a few senior personnel like Ratney and is exclusively designated for the use of the Arabs who identify themselves as Palestinians.

The embassy designated for use by Jews is located in Tel Aviv.

There is no other country in the world where a consulate in its capital is de facto off limits to the majority of its citizens.

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