Wednesday, August 28, 2013

'Me And My Big Mouth' - UK's Cameron Backs Off From Syria Attack

British PM David Cameron backed down - way down- from his previous bellicose rhetoric about having the UK 'punish' Syria after what amounted to a political revolt in Parliament and what the Telegraph describes as "..senior military figures expressing concerns over the wisdom of the mission."

Considering how Britain has downsized its military to the point of no return and essentially scuttled the Royal Navy to the level of a coastal defense force, I'd say those senior military figures were right on the money.

Just three hours before Cameron folded, William Hague, the Foreign Secretary said it was “very important” for the UK not to leave it too long before launching strikes against Assad’s regime. Apparently it'll wait for some time.

Unlike our own lawless chief executive, Cameron at least took the Syria strike to Parliament for a vote, unfortunately after he opened his mouth about how gung ho he was to get Britain embroiled.I give him that much.

Ed Miliband, the Labour leader, and a succession of senior Tories (Conservatives, Cameron's party) had spoken out against the UK being part of a military strike on Syria and let Cameron know in no uncertain terms that he had very little political support for hitting Assad.

So Cameron put his tail between his legs and ran for cover, now saying that he'll wait until he gets, you know, actual proof from the UN inspectors on site before me makes a decision. And he won't even make a decision without a second 'aye' vote from parliament...which isn't likely to happen.

So the Brits will be sitting this out.

The Obama White House, in response said they “respect the British Parliament”.

This is all well and good. I'm firmly opposed to a western intervention in Syria. But just imagine if we needed to Brits to help us out with an important military mission and they weaseled out of a commitment to support us like this. Could you imagine Israel, Canada,Australia or Japan doing it? I couldn't.

Why are we allied with these people again?


Sgt. Major said...

Agreed, our PM is a mindless twit.And yes, your remarks on what Labour did to our military, spot on.

That said, pray don't judge us all by him and we'll refrain from judging you lot by Obama.


Dick Stanley said...

More than fair.

louielouie said...

pray don't judge us all by him and we'll refrain from judging you lot by Obama.

i take the opposite opinion of that.
we have no choice now do we?
as private citizens.
as individuals.
we can discuss matters here as we like.
but in the end both of these dumm masses speak for whats left of their respective countries. and we hardly have a say in the matter.
i.e., what's left of america should be discussed/judged entirely from the perspective of hussein.

Anonymous said...

Don't forget, though, jp, that the US ( sc, Ike ) forced the Brits & French ( & Israel ) out of the Suez Canal, which they had liberated ( or re-claimed ) on their own in 1956. Thus, the Brits & French could simply claim that they are helping the current US prez in precisely the same fashion as they were helped in 1956. ( People there do recall this appalling episode of DC bullying. )


Rob said...

As they do in Israel,DD.

FWIW, Eisenhower regretted his actions on Suez later on (specifically when it came to Israel) and said so before his death.

Plus ça change..