Friday, August 16, 2013

More Egypt - And The Media Catches Up To Joshuapundit Once Again

Yesterday, members of Joshua's Army got to read the real inside story on Egypt the media wasn't telling you. You read about how this was being another front in the civil war raging within Islam, about how what was going on in Egypt affected Syria, and about how the Saudis and GCE countries were backing Egypt and al-Sissi to the hilt. You also read about how al-Sissi ignored President Obama's phone calls, how the Brotherhood is planning to try and dry Obama into Egypt on their side and about how this president's clueless and arrogant policies have cost America its influence and credibility in the Middle East.

The legacy media hasn't quite caught up yet, but Drudge has some of this on the front page today.

So let's continue on with an update.

Today is Friday, the usual day for what I call an Islamo-seethe. Islam has no Sabbath, no proscribed day of rest as Christianity and Judaism do, but Friday is the day when Muslims hit the mosques and imams gin the crowd up with sermons. Violence follows much of the time.

Today in Egypt, the imams did their work as the Brotherhood called for a 'Day of Rage' and there was a new outbreak of clashes. Again, they have no hopes of defeating the army, but their plan is to create enough terrorism, 'bleeders' and photo-ops to bring intervention from Obama.

The Brotherhood ignored the Egyptian government's call to end the violence, and at least
another 75 people have died. Just like the previous death tolls, the media is giving the impression that these are all 'protestors' when the total includes police, army personnel, people seen as government supporters and Coptic Christians, whose homes and churches are being targeted by the Islamists.

There have been over 2o policemen murdered by the Brotherhood (who are definitely armed, some of them with Khaddaffi's weaponry from Libya) in the past 24 hours in various clashes throughout Egypt's cities.

In Helwan, the Brotherhood attacked a church and burned it to the ground, with some Christians still trapped inside it according to my sources.

The Brotherhood incited mobs to attack the Azbakiyah police station in Ramses Square in Cairo, a strong-point where they knew there would be a number of casualties. The police set up sniper posts inside the building and killed a number of the rioters. The army also deployed troops to control the 5th October bridge to take out anyone trying to cross the river towards Ramses Square to attack the police station, and people are jumping off the bridge to escape the gunfire.

(via twitter)

Nile TV had clips showing Brotherhood 'soldiers firing from the crowd at the army. At least one army officer was killed by gunfire at a checkpoint in Cairo.

Al Sissi and the army have a definite plan to essentially eradicate the Brotherhood as a political force, although they're unlikely to destroy it completely.

What the army will do in Cairo and other cities is to section off various sectors to keep the Brotherhood from operating effectively and take advantage of the Army's support from most Egyptians. It will involve closing down notorious Brotherhood mosques, arresting known Brotherhood figures and blocking off and establishing control and policing strategic areas piece by piece while eradicating the Brotherhood.

This, by the way, is how the French defeated a similar insurgency in Algiers in 1954. And unlike the French, the Egyptians are likely to be quite mindful of the importance of maintaining public support. As an example of how this works in real life, the Army has already told Egypt's Copts that it will rebuild the churches destroyed by the Brotherhood.

The Egyptian army and al-Sissi prepared for this by appointed 19 generals as provisional governors, making them responsible for their individual sectors of the country. At the same time, the Egyptian military is continuing to attack Islamist insurgents in Sinai and is keeping Hamas, the Brotherhood franchise in Gaza in total lockdown.

As this strategy progresses, al-Sisi will probably outlaw the Brotherhood and could very well set a date for new elections which the Brotherhood will not be allowed to run candidates in.

The only hope the Brotherhood has at this point is if President Obama decides to try top pull off another Libya to save his Muslim Brotherhood friends.

In another interesting sign of how little influence we have in the Middle East thanks to President Obama and his team's policies, The Chinese and the Russians intervened to quash UN Security actions proposed by the Islamist government of Turkey.This means that the Egyptians, as well as the Saudis will owe them a favor.You are going to see that play out in interesting ways in the America's detriment.

And speaking of which, the Saudi King Abdullah called for total backing of the Egyptian military against the Brotherhood in a statement over state run Al-Ekhbariya TV today.

According to one of my notorious Lil' Birdies, the Saudis, the UAE and the other GCE countries have pledged over $40 billion to al-Sissi and the Egyptian government.That $1.5 billion in aid Obama tried unsuccessfully to hold over al-Sissi's head is meaningless.

In the normal course of events, would anyone even trust this president to manage a McDonald's properly?


louielouie said...

You are going to see that play out in interesting ways in the America's detriment.

so in hussein's point of view, what he is doing is a success.

Anonymous said...

I don't trust this "U.S." president to manage a bowel movement on his own.

Geoffrey Britain said...

"this president's clueless and arrogant policies have cost America its influence and credibility in the Middle East."

All 'evidence' that Obama's ME policies are clueless presumes that Obama is opposed to the transformation of the ME into jihadist run states. Given that his actions have consistently supported the rise of jihadism in the region, that is, at best a questionable presumption.

No disagreement on the arrogance however.

B.Poster said...

"You are going to see that play out in a number of ways in the America's detriment."

Since Egypt now has the backing of Russia and China, the sky is the limit to what Egypt can do to harm America at this point. Essentially the only limits are the imagination of the Egyptian government and the Egyptian military. For them its a bit like shooting fish in a barrel at this point.

In the past the Egyptians have allowed the US the right to fly over their air space unrestricted and they've allowed US warships to move to the front in the Suez Canal in times of crisis. For starters, I would expect US over flight priveleges and preferential treatment with regards to use of the Suez Canal to be revoked. In fact, US forces will likely be denied US of the Suez Canal and Egyptian airspace all together.

That's just for starters and more actions would be expected to follow and they will get progressively worse until America gets its act together. Unfortunately with the nature of the people who currently run things in America it seems unlikely that they will get their act together. Hopefully I'm wrong.

Even if I am wrong and American officials do get their act together much damage has been done and it is unlikely that it can ever be totally rectified. Supporters of the MB have harmed America and its interests. To the best of my knowledge, the Egyptian military never has harmed America or its interests. To come down on the side of the MB in this situation is wrongheaded on so many levels its hard to know where to begin. At a minimum, a nation who befriends its enemies while undermining its friends and those who aren't enemies to it is someone who likely will not be trusted by any one. Right now it would seem unwise for anyone to trust America, at least with its current leadership.