Monday, August 19, 2013

John McCain Continues To Soil Himself On Islamists And The Middle East

What are we to think about Senator John McCain?

Two weeks ago, he denounced Senator Rand Paul in the harshest terms for bringing an amendment before the senate that would have cut off all aid to Egypt.

And now, he's mouthing off over at CNN and calling his good friend President Obama 'weak and indecisive' because he hasn't cut off aid to Egypt!

John McCain remains the media's favorite Republican. Aside from being willing to savage members of his own party to get airtime or a photo-op, he's so stupid, duplicitous and contradictory that he provides a useful brush for the media to paint all Republicans with.

But wait, there's more. You see, by not supporting the Muslim Brotherhood, to McCain we're “not sticking to our values.”

In this dandy little interview, McCain compared President Obama’s threat to cut off aid to Egypt that he later backed off from to the president's “red line” nonsense about Syria.

Asked by CNN host Candy Crowley if the president had been weak in the Middle East, McCain said, “There is no policy. And there is no strategy.”

“We are much more hated and much less respected than we were in 2009,” in the Middle East region, McCain said.

This is the same senator, who, accompanied by his poodle Senator Lindsay Graham went to Syria, shilled for arming the rebels, claiming we were capable of 'telling the good guys from the bad guys'..and got photographed arm in arm with an al-Qaeda commander!

As I've already reported, the Saudis and GCE countries  are backing al-Sissi and tre current Egyptian government to the hilt to destroy the Brotherhood and keep Egypt in the Sunni camp as part of the civil war now raging in Islam.They've pledged up to $40 million in aid, which is why al-Sissi isn't taking Obama's calls and the president's previous  threats to cut off aid were ignored.

Yet this useful idiot for the Brotherhood who sits in the Senate on the foreign relations committee is still flapping his mouth and is still  touted by CNN and the Politico as someone who actually knows what he's talking about!

The 'lack of strategy' and the 'hatred' of Americans is as much due to Senator McCain and his pals as it is to President Obama.Just ask anyone in the region who isn't an Islamist.

From his championing of amnesty ( because the owner of  Spanish language network Univision is one of his cheif financial backers), and his willingness to attack Republican conservatives to his clueless championing of Islamists, the Senator from Keating is a disgrace to the people of Arizona, his country and to the office he holds.

Since he apparently lacks the dignity and the sense of shame to simply retire, it's way past time for the voters to simply remove him.


Sara Noble said...

He is a disgrace and he is ruining the Republican Party. He's dragging around at least another 14 Senators.

Anonymous said...

The only good thing he ever did was put Sarah Palin on his ticket.

Rob said...

Yeah, and then he sold her out when the RINOs who mishandled his campaign tried to blame their stupidity and incompetence on her.