Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Egypt Captures Muslim Brotherhood's Leader As The Crackdown Continues

The Egyptian government bagged a major Brotherhood prize today,  their 70-year-old supreme leader Mohammed Badie.

The old fascist was found hiding in an apartment in the Nasr City district of Cairo, near the Islamist Rabaa al-Adawiya Mosque not to far from the two Brotherhood strongholds the army and police cleared out after repeated attempts to evacuate them peacefully.

Badie, like most Islamist leaders made sure he wasn't going to be 'martyred' along with the other dupes and arranged a safe haven, but was trapped behind the police and army lines and eventually was smoked out.

As I mentioned, the Egyptian army is using similar tactics to ones the French used to defeat an insurgency in Algiers in 1954 - sectioning off various sectors in Egypt cities to keep the Brotherhood from operating effectively, closing down notorious Brotherhood mosques, arresting known Brotherhood figures and blocking off and establishing control and policing strategic areas piece by piece while eradicating the Brotherhood's facilities and membership.

It's working even better for the Egyptians than it did for the French because the Egyptian army has the support of most of the populace.

The Brotherhood was always going to be crushed if they took on the army. They could probably have negotiated something in the early days with al-Sissi and the army thta would have given them a voice in government, but they chose to inaugurate violence in the hopes of bringing President Obama and the west in to rescue them as he did the Islamists in Libya. After trying to threaten al-Sissi and failing utterly (and even worse for someone with the president's colossal ego, being ignored)it appears, at least so far, that the president has chosen to limit his response to cutting off aid to Egypt. That's a pretty small deal, in the face of the billions in support pledged to al-Sissi from the Saudis and the GCE countries, and new arms can probably be had if needed from the Russians and Chinese. All the president has done with his hissy fit is to deal us out.

The Brotherhood itself will continue to foment terrorism, especially against Christians, but with their top leadership in jail and their movement increasingly unpopular, thye look like they've lost this gamble and lost badly.

The Egyptian government will likely ban the movement, their little franchise is Gaza is under lock and key by the army and Morsi, Badie and the rest are facing trials for treason. They've all been charged with collaboration with Hamas, and one item that may very well come out is President Obama's secret $8 billion deal between the Obama administration and the Muslim Brotherhood to have Egypt annex a huge chunk of Sinai to Hamas as part of Palestinian territory. Khairat el Shater (number 2 of the Brotherhood), Morsi and Mohammed Badie, the Supreme Guide of the Muslim Brotherhood reportedly signed on to the deal and are now all in custody, which could account for President Obama's frantic attempts to get them freed.

A sitting president of the United States paying $8 billion in taxpayer funds to give more land to Hamasistan, a recognized terrorist organization according to U.S. law would definitely be problematic for this president.

The Brotherhood in Egypt is not likely to become completely extinct, but they're going to be on life support for some time..unless President Obama brings in the American military. I don't think he's quite that stupid, but then again this president has never failed to surprise me any time I give him credit for elementary common sense.

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louielouie said...

a recognized terrorist organization according to U.S. law would definitely be problematic for this president.

yes, i understand the reasoning and subject you are discussing in this essay. but be reasonable, now that healthcare is a right and not a privilege, do you really think hussein will not be able to explain this away? i mean, if the media doesn't ask any questions, what's to explain? he'll just make some offhand reference about some nonsense, and that will be the end of it.
i swear, sometimes you look like the bored kid in the back of the classroom.