Thursday, August 29, 2013

Obama Threatens To Go It Alone On Syria

Ah, yes...President Obama is steaming mad since the Brits and French backed out of his little Syrian adventure, and he saying he's fully prepared to go it alone.

He even sent another American ship towards Syria, a destroyer escort.The Russians already have a fleet of warships headed that way.

Remember what our Dear Leader and his minions said in 2008 about 'Cowboy' Bush? Remember the horse manure about "meeting the global Test" and the Magic Wisdom of the International Community?

The truth about the scandals he's attempting to divert attention from are probably a lot worse than I thought.


louielouie said...

are you sure it's syria?
oklahoma didn't carry a single county for him, in what passed for elections in 2008/2012.
this may be a warm up for what we are going to get.
molon labe

Gerard said...

That Nobel Peace Prize is looking good - 'Let's bomb some peace into 'em', that's the ticket!

Anonymous said...

I concur with you that this is a pure ' Wag The Dog ' attempt at deflecting the public's attention from the AP & Attkisson matters, the patriot Snowden's disclosures re Prism, the on-going ObamaCare debacle, & c .

Could we not, just for once, skip a foreign war ? This is nothing to do with us. We skipped the Crimean War & it mattered not a jot to us. We skipped the Biafran War ( Nigeria ) & it mattered not a whit to us. ( Though I was most sympathetic to the Biafrans, personally. ) Suddenly, all the past Owebama non-interventionist philosophy-propaganda by the lawyer in the Oval Office is tossed into the rubbish bin by him & he follows the same diversionary tactics, replete with the requisite sable-rattling, as his predecessors. It's like Gulf Of Tonkin all over again ( which I still recall with bitterness ) . It ' almost ' doesn't matter who gets in the presidency, for most of them seem to get the same infection : Meet the new boss, same as the old boss. Plus ca change, plus c'est la meme chose. Or, as my late father put it : ' the Whites & the Negroes may listen to different music, but they generally play the same tune, & that means that you should be wary of them when they are in power ' .

What was my moniker here ? d/d or dragon/dinosaur ? Ciao !

louielouie said...

Could we not, just for once, skip a foreign war ?

that would not fit/jibe with the sunni muslim foreign policy paradigm that is now the official policy position of what is left of the US.