Wednesday, August 14, 2013

150 Dead As Egyptian Army Cracks Down On Muslim Brotherhood:The Real Story

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At least 150 people have been killed as Egyptian police, backed up by the army cleared out two encampments of Muslim Brotherhood supporters who refused to leave when they were ordered to do so. There have been numerous arrests.

The Egyptian Foreign Ministry said the raids were carried out as “a last resort” after the government efforts to mediate a safe exit for the inhabitants of the camps failed

“After six long weeks of illegal, unauthorized sit-ins,” and after claiming there was evidence of torture in the encampments, Egypt’s prosecutor general authorized security forces to break up the camps, Badr Abdelatty, a Foreign Ministry spokesman, said in a statement.

The government has declared a month long state of emergency.

The evidence of torture may or may not be credible, but neither is the swill you're reading in the media about 'peaceful protesters' and 'unarmed civilians' being attacked.Some of them undoubtedly were, but the purpose of the camps was not peaceful protest.

These encampments were Muslim Brotherhood strongholds that were being used to arm, train and recruit Brotherhood supporters. Arms as usual  were plentiful, some of them purchased from Khaddaffi's Libyan stocks.

They had become, essentially, almost a state within a state, large enclaves under the Brotherhood's control.near the Islamist Rabaa al-Adawiya Mosque in Cairo’s Nasr City District that has served as the headquarters of the Brotherhood's campaign.

After a prolonged attempt to  get the encampments to disband peacefully and two days of warnings by the government that the police were going to remove them, the government moved in. It's hard to see how they could have done anything else.You won't read this in the legacy media, but 10 policemen were shot and at least two were killed in removing the Muslim Brotherhood camps.

As I predicted earlier, the Islamists had two choices. The first one was to try to attempt a peaceful solution with Egypt's government that would have left them marginalized but at least viable. The second was to try and ignite a civil war by  fighting the Army. They chose the second option, and they will be crushed, unless they manage to put on enough of a show to bring an outsider like the United States into the fray.

What happened today was part of that strategy, The Brotherhood set up a provocation no government could ignore, with the idea of fomenting violence and a suitable number of casualties for the cameras.

Western media, which has consistently whitewashed who the Brotherhood is and what they stand for cheerfully cooperated, presented a script of a vicious police state 'massacring  peaceful protesters.'

These same reporters are ignoring a whole series of summary executions being carried out by Hamas, the Brotherhood's  branch in Gaza.

So far, the strategy of attempting to bring in an outsider isn't working. While I don't doubt that President Obama has been quite vocal privately at seeing his Islamist friends thrown out of power, besides a pro forma statement condemning the violence there's been no indication that the president has another Libya planned.

After doing a great deal to destabilize Egypt, President Obama appears to finally be doing somthing right for a change. He's keeping his mouth shut ( at least publicly)  and concentrating on his golf game.

Meanwhile, the Brotherhood is doing what good Islamists do...they're taking it out on the kuffars.

Churches were set on fire in the town of Sohag and the village of Delga in Minya, south of Cairo, while other churches in the Abou Helal district of Minya and in the city of Suez were also attacked, while mobs in Cairo vandalized homes,businesses and shops known to belong to Copts.

These are not good people.


Ali said...

Finally someone who knows about Muslim Brotherhood. They are terrorist Obama put in power.

Nicholas Darkwater said...

The 'doing nothing' option has an appeal, here & in Syria for example, insofar as it follows Kissinger's observation of the Iran-Iraq War: "Too bad they both can't lose." It's best to see the various factions busy themselves with slaughtering each other instead of the West for a while.

The problem is the refugees, of course. The wholesale attacks on Christians go on, & the only thing we can do is expedite their fleeing of their home countries. We've been looking for years for reliable Arabic translators - this might just be the opportunity.

But seriously, the real fly in the ointment is that the Christians are increasingly being slaughtered, & the only ones willing to take that on are the Russians, of all things.

Rob said...

Hello Nicholas,
Actually, we have any number of Arab and Farsi translators. There are Jews, Ba'hai, Assyrians, Copts and Maronite Christians who are native speakers.

However, the FBI and the military were not interested in hiring them, preferring Muslims.

(I realize this is WND, but a quick search will reveal the same information in other places, including this site)