Monday, August 12, 2013

How The Palestinians Look At 'Peace'

Want further evidence that Mahmoud Abbas and the Palestinian Authority have no intention of negotiating anything with Israel?

The above picture is from Abbas' Facebook page. It shows a Palestinian flag superimposed on “The Al-Buraq Wall,” which is the Muslim term for the Western Wall of the Temple Mount in Jerusalem.

The text above the flag reads, 'Palestinians know al-Kuds (Jerusalem) is their right' .

The message is crystal clear. The Palestinians insist that Jerusalem is theirs, they intend to take over the Jewish Holy sites in Jerusalem and they will desecrate them and make them judenrein, just as the Jordanians did for 19 years until they foolishly attacked Israel in 1967 and were driven out.

They have no intention of negotiating anything or compromising in any way. In their minds Israel will give and they will simply take. And take. And take.

Of course, no one would ever dream of chastising the Palestinians for incitement, or accuse them of endangering peace negotiations...least of all the U.S. State department.


Geoffrey Britain said...

No knowledgeable and fair-minded observer can hold any doubt as to the Palestinian's unwillingness to negotiate sincerely. Israel knows this of course and it is Obama who is forcing these talks. That Israel keeps giving and giving and giving with nothing in return is unfortunately entirely Israel's fault. It is the consequential result of Israel’s belief that it cannot survive without American support. Obama and the left is using that belief as leverage to slowly bring Israel to the gallows. Nothing will change until Israel changes.

Einstein's dictum that, "Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results." applies just as much to nations as it does to individuals.

B.Poster said...

Obama cannot "force" Israel into talks. While he does have substantial influence, he lacks the power to force Israel into any thing.

It would a be accurate to say that the EU and other nations pressure America then Israel gets pressured. Likewise the EU cannot force America into any thing but it does have significant influence.

I think it would also be accurate to say that the governments of the EU nations and America have never had Israel's interests in mind. Israel can say "no" to America. Other nations do it all the time. I do agree that nothing will change until Israel changes.

Insanity applies to both America and Israel in this situation. It does not serve American economic or security interests to create a Palestinian state. the Palestinians are not only enemies of Israel but they are enemies of America as well. Strengthening an enemy only undermines our national security.

As for our economic interests, if Israel has to give up land it is weakened and harder to defend. At some point if Israel is threatened, it no doubt has a threshold at which nuclear weapons would be used. Weakening Israel makes it more likely that Israel will use these weapons which would jeporidize valuable oil supplies to the US which would harm our economic interests. Furthermore other nations in the region will know Israel's new more precarious security situation will make the use of nuclear weapons more likely and they will be quicker to rush to develop their own nuclear arsenals!!

We claim we wish to prevent the spread of nuclear weapons. Creating a Palestinian state and carving out of Israel will likely increase nuclear weapons proliferation exponentially. Creating a Palestinian state out of Israel is bad policy on so many levels it is hard to know where to begin!!

America needs Israel to continue to act as a buffer between it and it's Islamic terrorist enemies. If this buffer were to disappear or be weakened as the creation of a Palestinian state would do, it would make America harder to defend. The resources that would need to be allocated to defending America would rise exponentially. Furthermore America gets valuable intelligence from Israel regarding it's adversaries and potential adversaries. Without this intelligence the types of survelience that people are so up in arms about right now would need to be increased exponentially in order to defend America. America depends on Israel for its survival at least as much and probably more so than Israel depends on America for it's survival.

Israel should simply say no to the current farce of a peace process. Israel has numerous allies in America. As long as Israel acts in this manner, they cut the legs out from under these allies. After all who are we to oppose the decisions of a soverign ally who has never acted in any way to harm us? At least that is how the thinking goes.

In summary, both America and Israel need to change. The nature of the current relationship between the countries does not serve the interests of the citizens of either nations.

B.Poster said...

If Israel truly believes it needs the United States to survive, then Israel's situation is even more despirate than it seems. The United States has some serious issues it has to face in the coming years which include but are not limited to the following. 1.)It has a massive national debt compounded by huge unfunded liabilities. 2.)It's infrastructure is aging and is in serious needs of upgrades. These things will require huge expenditures in the coming years and will compromise the dollar's role as world reserve currency. Furthermore, 3.)the military while still very capable is in serious needs of refurbishment if it is going to remain so. Given issues 1 and 2 it is a dubious proposition at best the money will be available to address this. Additionally, 4.)the US faces a resurgent Russia and an up and coming China that it must somehow fend off and survive and it's got to do this while facing the other issues!! There's a term I think it is called "suing for peace." US leaders may need to seriously consider this in the near future. In summary, it seems questionable that the US will be capable of guaranteeing Israel's survival in the coming years. I would assume Israeli officials are aware of this and have planned accordingly. If not, they probably should get moving on this quickly.

Interestingly Japan and South Korea are arguably more dependent on the US for their survival than Israel is at the present time. In any event, they are not less dependent than Israel is yet they never seem to end up being maneuvered into the types of positions that Israel ends up in. Perhaps Israel can study them and learn something.

I'd assume all of the nations have made the appropriate reparations for when America is either unable or unwilling to perform the role it currently performs. It would be experiential common sense to do so. At least on the plus side for America assuming the nation survives, since America will be unable to perform the role it currently does, it will be less vunerable to pressure from other powers who seek it to do their bidding.