Thursday, August 15, 2013

Bumped Up: Viral Egyptian Video Reveals How Deeply Obama Is Hated There

This video, by popular Egyptian recording artist Sama Elmasry titled “You Obama, Your Father, Mother,” is going viral in Egypt and getting heavy airplay all over the Middle East.

Catchy little tune...And I'm bumping it up as a preview of my upcoming piece on what's really going on in Egypt, what the legacy media isn't telling you. You don't play a part in fomenting violence and destabilizing a country without some blowback.

It cusses out the president, his mother and his father out for his enabling of the Muslim Brotherhood, tells him exactly what to do with his threats to cut off aid and for good measure accuses him of being a Jew towards the end.

In Egypt, where anti-semitism is a popular sport, there's no worse thing an Egyptian can call you.

Oh, by the way, 'the old bitch' referred to in the video is Ambassador Anne Patterson, also a notable Brotherhood appeaser and supporter.

At the same time, the Brotherhood and their fellow Islamists are angry at Obama for not getting Morsi and his pals freed from custody and for not helping the al-Qaeda and Brotherhood led rebels in Syria.

Yes, once again our absolute genius of a president and his superb foreign policy team have succeeded in antagonizing both sides of a conflict! Epic Obamafail.

UPDATE: Want to know  what the media won't tell you about what's really going on n Egypt? Click here

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B.Poster said...

The United States needs to examine just what it's core interests are in Egypt. Whether or not the United States wishes to remain a major world power or not will have an impact on just what these interests are.

If the United States wishes to remain a major power, it must first determine if it actually can do so. This is a questionable proposition at best since the only thing America really has going for it right now in this regard is its currency is the world reserve currency which can be changed relatively easily at any time.

For now assuming the US does wish to remain a major world power and can do so since Egypt is the most populous Arab nation and is central to the Middle East, it will be vital to maintain a strong foothold there or if it has been lost to get it back. In order to do this, it is mission critical to maintain good relations with the military.

When Mubarak was over thrown, Mr. Obama and the US government had the good sense to side with the military and not get involved in trying to prevent Mubarak from being removed. Now that the military has withdrawn support from the MB, Mr. Obama, his team, and the US government would have good sense to go along. Unfortunately these people lack basic common sense.

If the US does not wish to remain a major world power or cannot do so, then core interests in Egypt will be much more limited. They will probably be limited to ensuring the US has access to the Suez Canal. Either way good relations with the Egyptian military will be extremely important.

Ironically, whether the US wishes to remain a world major power or not the most pressing need it has is to STAY OUT OF IT. The Egyptian military can handle this without US assistance. Any assistance by us would only be seen as unnecessary meddling and would only make things worse for us. Do I expect our leaders to be bright enough to grasp this? Unfortunately no.

The US military could watch the Egyptian military in action, study, and learn. The stand to learn at least two basic things. 1.) How to fight and win a war. They seem to be having more success in defeating the MB than we have in defeating Islamic terrorists. 2.)The Egyptian military acted in the best interests of Egypt in ousting the MB. Military leaders can learn to act in the best interests of America and not act as political hacks in support of flawed policies.

Your second to last paragraph sums up things quite well I think. Mr. Obama does not have the power to free the MB nor did he ever have this kind of power. Additionally his ability to help the rebels in Syria is limited as well and does not extend to any thing that can actually turn the tide. Apparently he made promises he could not keep. Part of good leadership and decency as a person is NOT to make promises one can't keep. Maybe he has an inflated view of himself and does not properly grasp his limitations or perhaps he is getting bad advice from his advisors. Either of these is consistent with American leadership today.

"Epic Obamafail" is quite right. I look forward to your additional analysis on this and thanks for posting the video link. If we ever do get better leadership, the new leadership is going to have quite a task ahead of them repairing the damage the current and most recent leadership has done to our image and international standing.