Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Obama Admin Leaks Tell Assad Bombing Details In Advance - ' Brief And Limited'


This is literally unbelievable,

The Obama Administration has apparently leaked the details of its planned 'action' against Syria.

An American military attack on Syria could begin as early as Thursday and will involve three days of missile strikes, according to "senior U.S. officials" talking to NBC News. The Washington Post has the bombing at "no more than two days," though long-range bombers could "possibly" join the missiles. "Factors weighing into the timing of any action include a desire to get it done before the president leaves for Russia next week," reports CNN, citing a "senior administration official."

The New York Times, quoting a Pentagon official, adds that "the initial target list has fewer than 50 sites, including air bases where Syria's Russian-made attack helicopters are deployed." The Times adds that "like several other military officials contacted for this report, the official agreed to discuss planning options only on condition of anonymity."

Our men and women are going into harm's way and our ever clueless president and his minions have leaked the details to the press of where, when and how.

The Syrians don't even have to have spies. Any interested party with an internet connection now knows exactly what's coming. They even have a decent idea of what the targets are likely to they have had ample  time to move anything they want to into safe locations and arrange anti-missile coverage and some nice, properly locked in anti-aircraft fire for any of our planes that participate.

The linked WSJ article makes the point that this could be deliberate disinformation, but I personally doubt it, based on the tsunami of leaks for political purposes that have come from this president and his administration in the past.

Both White House press secretary Jay Carney and State Department spokesperson Marie Harf have publicly announced that President Obama's goal is not regime change. And leaking the details has ensured that no real damage to Assad's military assets is going to occur.

So what exactly are we trying to accomplish here, besides more pumping up of President Obama's already overinflated ego as a foreign policy 'genius' and a useful political distraction from the scandals his administration is neck deep in? Oh yes....and to cover for his flapping his mouth about 'red lines'. Just like the doubling down in Afghanistan, we're spending U.S. blood and treasure to back up ill-conceived nonsense  rhetoric spouted by this president.

And another thing Americans ought to consider. We're attacking a sovereign nation, something that will justifiably be considered an act of war by Assad and Syria. Do a little research for yourself about Syria's long time use of terrorism as a weapon of politics and war in Lebanon and elsewhere. Read a bit about Hezbollah, the terrorist proxy of Iran and Syria and some of the attacks they've accomplished all over the globe. Terrorism expert Stephen Emerson ( who based on his track record alone ought to be taken seriously)  has documented that there are Hezbollah cells right here in America.

Right now, Basher Assad, having been reassured by our president that the coming attacks are just political kabuki is in Tehran, talking to his Iranian allies, with whom Syria has a strong mutual defense treaty.

Among other things, do you have any doubt they're not talking about retaliation?

Wag the dog, indeed. Especially when any violent blowback is only going to affect the 'little people', who really don't count anyway, at least in this president's calculations.


louielouie said...

while i agree with ff assessment of the dumm mass currently occupying the oval office, i hardly see a wag the dog scenario.
to be brief, and in a word, why?
who is pressuring hussein?
what consequences is/are he facing for any of his actions while in office?
he calls them phony scandals.
the media laughs.
and everyone dials out on their obamaphones.
show me the need for a distraction?
i don't see it.
where is code pink?
where are the war protests?
and he wants this all done before he goes to russia.
where he called putin a couple of weeks ago the bored kid in the back of the room.
so let's get all this bombing of one of your allies over with before i come to your country.
wag my ass.

Rob said...

Hi Louie,
The only pressure on our Dear Leader is that he's still hoping to take the House and retain the senate in the 2014 midterms. He might, and distracting people from the various scandals is the ploy.

He also might just be able to slip through a few things like bending the Republicans over again to fund ObamaCare, amnestia and upping the debt ceiling if there's a nice little war going on without too much fuss amidst the distraction.

Things are changing however even as I speak, and the Saudis are involved.

Watch this space.


Crazy Bald Guy said...

It boggles my mind that we would even consider bombing Syria without any intention of actually accomplishing anything.