Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Al Jazeera America's First Guest: Jew Hating Conspiracy Theorist Stephen Walt

Well al-Jazeera America (AKA Jinad TV) is here, although the word is that they're having trouble getting sponsors and several major cable networks like Time Warner and At&T are not carrying them.

Their first guest? None other than Jew hating fantasist Stephen Walt, who rose to prominence as co-author of a conspiracy book about Jewish manipulation of American foreign policy and has been  referred to by prominent liberal journalist Jeffrey Goldberg as someone who “makes his living scapegoating Jews.”

Pretty accurate summation. Here he bloviates about one of the major Arab countries the that controls  one of the world's most trafficked and important shipping routes is not important to American strategic interest.

I swear, they'll let any idiot talk foreign policy these days if he's down for the agenda.

Al Gore should be put on  a raft and pushed into the open sea for allowing this garbage into America just to fatten his wallet.

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