Friday, August 23, 2013

The Shame Of The Ft. Hood Killer's Trial Comes To An End

 Nidal Hasan

The trial of Major Nidal Hassan, who murdered of 13 of his fellow soldiers and wounded more than 30 others while they were disarmed at a dispensary inside the military base at Fort Hood has finally come to an end with a guilty verdict. One of them was a pregnant private who lay wounded on the floor and pleaded with Hasan for her baby's life before he finished her off.

 In the next phase of the trial, which will begin Monday, the military officer jurors have to  all agree to give Hasan the death penalty. If they do not agree, the 42-year-old could spend the rest of his life in prison.

I have never been more ashamed of my country.

The entire saga of Nidal Hassan, an Arab American who identified himself as a Palestinian tells much about how deeply our country has been infected by dhimmitude and appeasement - even in our military.

During Major Hassan's entire career, he made no secret of his radical Islamist beliefs and his hatred for America.At a presentation he made at Walter Reed Hospital in 2009 entitled "The Quranic World View As It Relates to Muslims in the U.S. Military" Hassan gave his views that the Qu'ran condones fighting to establish an Islamic state, that Muslim soldiers were prohibited from engaging in any actions that might result in the death of Muslims, and that all Muslims in the military should be released as conscientious objectors.

Retired Colonel Terry Lee, who worked with Hasan, surfaced after the Fort Hood shootings to say that Hasan had made remarks approving of the actions of the Muslim murderers who shot down two U.S. soldiers in Little Rock, Arkansas He told FOX News that that Hasan made "outlandish" statements against our troops in Iraq and Afghanistan, among other things saying that "the Muslims should stand up and fight against the aggressor", referring to the United States.

He carried a business card that identified him as a 'soldier of Allah', carried on an open and extensive correspondence with al-Qaeda cleric Anwar al-Awlaki, and made numerous comments espousing jihad against the United States he had sworn an oath to protect and defend.

Yet he was promoted through the ranks and received excellent fitness reports.Not one of his commanding officers or fellow soldiers were willing to go out on a limb and out him as the jihadist he was because they were afraid it would mark them as 'Islamophobes' and ruin their careers, something they'd seen happen to others.

At least six months before the Ft. Hood murders, Hasan had come to the attention of federal authorities because of internet postings he made discussing suicide bombings and jihad. The postings, made in the name "NidalHasan", compared a suicide bomber to a soldier who dies to save others and sacrifices his life for a "more noble cause." Again, in spite of this blazing red flag, no official investigation was opened. No one wanted to risk harming their careers by pushing the issue. Everything was buried.

This man was an open enemy of America and lay coiled like a rattlesnake in the midst of our warriors. Like a rattler, he gave off an open warning of his presence, but he remained protected by the willingness of our government to appease Islamist fascism.

So when Hasan brought two handguns into the dispensary at Fort Hood and started murdering his fellow soldiers while screaming Allahu Akbar, it should have surprised no one.

Horrible as that was,  worse was yet to come.

The Obama Administration refused to label what happened at Fort Hood a terrorist attack, instead dubbing it 'workplace violence.' This had the effect of denying combat medals and the accompanying increased survivor benefits to the families of the murder victims as well as the wounded. And incidentally, lessening the exposure of the Army to civil suits.

Our Dear Leader as commander in chief could easily have designated the Fort Hood attacks as jihadist terrorism at the cost to the government of a fraction of what's been spent on one of his luxury vacations or perhaps canceling a couple of his White House parties. He didn't.

Weeks went by as Major Hasan toyed with the military court about representing himself and even shaving or not shaving his beard as per military regulations because yes, he remains a U.S. soldier with full pay and benefits to this day. Rather than simply forcibly shaving him as was done with Saddam Hussein, the judge, Colonel Tara Osborn allowed him to keep his facial foliage.

Major Hasan finally won the right to represent himself, with a couple of lawyers from the judge advocate's corps as advisers. He made no pretense of denying that he was the killer, admitting to the murders in his opening statement.

In an absolutely outrageous ruling that underlined our government's attitude towards Islamist fascism as well as those who volunteer to fight it, Colonel Osborn disallowed any evidence that pointed towards jihad or Islamism as Major Hasan's motive for the murders, a decision deliberately calculated to sharply reduce the awards in a number of civil suits that have been filed by the victim's families by making sure the farcical designation of 'workplace violence' remains rather than calling this what it is, or , heaven forbid , casting any aspersions on the Religion of Peace.

At one point, Judge Osborn actually tried to help Hasan,  suggesting that the murders were the result of a sudden spontaneous flash of rage,,,which would have meant murder two instead of murder one and probably life imprisonment instead of the death penalty.

Hasan would have no part of that. He wants his martyrdom as a soldier of Allah.  "It wasn't done under the heat of sudden passion," Hasan said before jurors began deliberating. "There was adequate provocation — that these were deploying soldiers that were going to engage in an illegal war."

Not only that, but the evidence clearly showed that Hasan made thorough preparations for the killings, even going to the extent of  putting  paper towels in the pockets of his cargo pants to muffle the rattling of the extra ammo he was carrying to  avoid arousing suspicion.

Major Hasan's defense, if it can be called that,  consisted of examining just 3 of the 89 witnesses to establish that he was indeed the killer.

As a soldier of Allah, he's proud of killing the infidels.After all, doesn't the Qu'ran say they're enemies of Islam who will all burn in hell anyway?

Hasan will be almost certainly convicted of murder. In the military system during sentencing, the defendant can make an unsworn statement, which means he can’t be cross-examined and Hasan will take the opportunity he's been provided with to preach jihad and justify what he did as a holy act.

Unlike his victims, Nidal Hasan will get a painless death by lethal injections, as well as an opportunity to preach a final dawa to the world. He will be looking forward to frolicking with the 72 virgins as a Holy Martyr.The Obama Administration will see to it that he gets a full Islamic funeral just like Osama bin-Laden's, which involves cursing Christians and Jews as part of the rites.

Real justice would involve a hanging with a piece of pork stuffed into Hasan's mouth and then simply tossing his body into the sea. Then it might actually serve as something of a deterrent instead of an encouragement to future jihadis seeking martyrdom. Instead, Hasan will be seen and lionized as a role model and hero by our enemies.

The Obama Administration and the Army establishment will be able to sweep this under the rug as workplace violence thanks to the compliant Major Osborn, rather than admitting that this was a terrorist attack by an Islamist fascist. Not one military officer who saw what was going on with Major Hasan and failed to speak out will be punished or demoted in any way. Major Osborn will undoubtedly receive a promotion. And  the Obama Administration, the Army establishment and most of all Major Hasan, who will have achieved what he undoubtedly feels is the perfect jihad,  will all end up getting what they wanted.

The ones who will pay the price are the victims dead and living, their families, and the military rank and file. They will be left with the knowledge that their pain and the deaths of their loved ones count for nothing, and that the nation they selflessly volunteered to risk their lives to protect will simply go along with this obscenity rather than exploding in outrage.

Major Hasan was an honest rattlesnake, who made no attempt to hide whom he was.

It is America that bears the guilt and the shame. I wonder how we can stand it.

How long, oh Lord, how long?



louielouie said...

How long, oh Lord, how long?

B.Poster said...

"I wonder how we can stand it." First of all I'm in 100% agreement with your post but to answer your question, if "we" refers to the American people then very respectfully I can explain to you how "we" stand it.

Politically America is politically a left of center nation. This means that while most of the American people will not shoot soldiers nor would they condone such an action, they are generally in agreement with much of what this man says or does with regards to America and its role in the world. This accounts for about 60% of the American public. Another 30% or so are deeply "libertarian" and will oppose pretty much ANY American foreign intervention unless the known design is to harm Israel.

Very respectfully, "we" as in the readers of Joshuapundit will in fact find shame in this situation. "We" in terms of the majority of the American people will not because of the political and world view of a majority of the citizens and especially the news media. Sorry about the long written post but I think this answers your question of how "we" as in the American people stand it.

To summarize, 1.)the American people on the whole will agree with much of what he has to say about America's down through the decades and especially recent ones in the Arab world and 2.)this position will be and has been heavily reinforced by the new media. Please note this does NOT mean "we" are correct but it does correctly answer the question of how "we" stand it.