Monday, August 26, 2013

Irony: All Living Democratic Presidents to Attend 'March on Washington' Anniversary


Tragedy definitely becomes farce. No less than Obama's consigliere Valerie Jarret has announced that the two other living Democrat presidents, Jimmy Carter ans Bill Clinton, will be joining President Obama when he appears at the March on Washington anniversary on Wednesday:

"This Wednesday will mark 50 years since Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. delivered his iconic “I Have a Dream” speech at the base of the Lincoln Memorial; a moment which served to punctuate a movement that changed America."

"To honor this occasion, President Obama will be joined Wednesday, August 28th, by President Jimmy Carter and President Bill Clinton, members of the King family and other civil rights leaders and luminaries at the Let Freedom Ring Commemoration and Call to Action event at the Lincoln Memorial, to commemorate Dr. King’s soaring speech and the 1963 March on Washington."

"As we mark this important anniversary, we reflect on what the Civil Rights Movement has meant for the country, and perhaps most importantly, the hard work that lies ahead as we continue to pursue the ideals laid out by Dr. King, and sought by the hundreds of thousands of Americans who marched through our nation’s capital fifty years ago."

Republican presidents are obviously persona non grata, and aren't invited.

Let's recap. What we'll be seeing as representatives of justice, character is one failed president who almost singlehandedly wrecked the American economy who's also a known anti-semite and plagiarist, another president who was impeached and disbarred for committing perjury and obstruction of justice who pardoned hundreds of hard core felons in his final days in office, and of course, the current occupant of the office, the most racially divisive opposite in our country's history of Dr. King's famous remarks about judging people by the content of their character, a man so awash in scandals and corruption he likely needs a corkscrew and the help of a couple of people from Eric Holder's Department of Justice just to get his pants on in the morning.

If he were alive, would Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. even share a platform with these people except out of simple politeness?

Certainly none of them have anything to do with the ideals he expressed that day fifty years ago.


Anonymous said...

According to CNN and some other news sites, George W Bush was invited and declined because he's recovering from a heart operation.

Rob said...

Ummm no.

Not that I trust 'CNN and other new sites' anyway, but if anything it's George HW Bush they invited, not George W. Bush, because it's George HW Bush who had a heart operation. And even if what you're saying is true, they obviously knew about HW's operation and deliberately 'invited' him because these mediocrities KNEW he wasn't physically able to be there.

They wanted this to be a Democrat show.

Funny thing about that...GWB is hugely popular in Africa because of his commitment to fighting AIDS. Even Bono commented on it.

Hey, but you know, Bush is a Republican, so of course he's a racist, y'know.

B.Poster said...

Where is the proof that GWB is popular in Africa? The US in general and Republicans in particular are not "popular" any where right now. In order to become popular, at a minimum one needs to do at least three things. 1.)Get the word out about the good work one is doing or attempting to do. 2.)Attempt to do good work. 3.)Actually do the good work.

Note that 1 and 2 are listed first. This is no accident. For example, the United States seldom if ever gets credit for the good things it does or attempts to do because it is never able to get a coherent message out about itself. This was particularly true with GWB. While he may have done good work, he never got the favorable press coverage. If any thing good came of his efforts, someone else, very likely a local leader took the credit. He never received any credit. As such, how can he be popular in Africa or anywhere else?

When GWB left office, he was and is the most reviled man in American political history. Since the press coverage around the world was even more one sided than it was in America, I fail to see how GWB can be popular in Africa.

For what its worth, GWB was either the second worst or the worst president in US history depending upon one's perspective. If the term of BHO were to end today, then in all likelihood BHO would be the worst president in US history, however, his term is not over yet. As such, it is not yet known with certainty how it will turn out.

Without positive coverage either from the recipients of the aid or the press, GWB could not receive the "credit" for this. Since none of this was forthcoming nor is there any evidence that his efforts actually made a difference and since Mr. Bono or whoever is will simply get lost in all of the noise, there is no way for him to be popular. Furthermore since America is hugely UNPOPULAR in Africa it seems unlikely that ANY POTUS could be popular in Africa, let alone the most hated one in world history.

Sorry about the long worded post but please provide some type of proof that GWB is "hugely popular" in Africa. If he can be popular with all his missteps and the poor media coverage as well as poor marketing on the part of his team, there may just be hope for America as a major world power yet. Very respectfully, I'd like proof of GWB's popularity in Africa.

Btw, the reply to 'anon' about them wanting this to be a "democrat show" and the last sentence are spot on.

Rob said...

GWB is beloved in Africa because of his work on AIDS, which is the scourge of Sub-Saharan Africa.

You're simply wrong on this one.

B.Poster said...


Thank you for the reply and for the links. I will check these out.

"You're simply wrong on this one." I've been wrong on many things. Since GWB never had the media support to broadcast any good works or attempted good works, in fact quite the opposite was the case, it just seems hard to fathom that he could be popular any where.